Dudes: Avoid These Common Fingerbanging Mistakes

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What is finger banging


What is finger banging

What is finger banging

Top definition. Finger Banging sex. Finger banging sex. Finger banging is another word for fingering a girl's pussy. When you finger a girl and really get your whole torso into it. Lifting and slamming her up and down on the bed - until she has a riveting orgasm. Then you keep going, and add a little thumb action to the clit for an extended orgasm. I was finger banging this chick until she creamed all over my bed.

She came 3 times. Finger Banging unknown. Text What is finger banging. Colton : Hey,come help me do top stock Anthony: hold up man. Let me finish finger banging real quick.

When somebody would rather use their phone than engage in regular social interaction. Like oh my god Jim is so dumb. He never talks to me because he's too busy finger banging his phone. FingerBanging unknown. When the guy finds that greasiest bitch he can find and he licks his fingers and shoves them up there. Sometimes, the nig will stick his figers in watermellon and chicken grease as a lubricant.

Damn niggai was What is finger banging shit out of quantisha last night. I used dat Kfc as some lube. Shit was wet as fuck. Fisting is also a regular event on the agenda. National ask a girl out day January 28 Jewdank Banana Republican Pseudojew Onanism National Ask Someone Out Day Maction November the 13th Bifle Zetus Lapetus January Alte fotzen tumblr Wobbly H Jimmy Neutron Noah Jupe.

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What is finger banging

What is finger banging

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