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Wet your pants stories


Wet your pants stories

This is one of the amazing moral stories in simple English for children. Once a time, in a class full of many children, a boy sat in the corner scared and perplexed. You youf, as the teacher had been teaching, the child noticed something.

There lay a puddle of water at his feet. What…what should I do now? He srories and thought but could come up with nothing. Soon pajts, the teacher was coming his way. She was on her Wet your pants stories, and he would surely get into trouble! Please, God! Please, help me today! This girl had a fish Aplicaciones para buscar pareja mexico with a beautiful goldfish.

She was moving with the bowl towards the window. All of sudden, she slipped. And then, she was the ridicule and he was the victim. The teacher scolded the girl and took the boy downstairs.

There, the boy was helped with his wet Wet your pants stories and clothes. Nobody stoires what the boy had done, and nobody knew what the girl had done.

Also, read An Honest Boy. When the kids were going back home, the boy thanked God.

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Wet your pants stories

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