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Trials in tainted space play


Trials in tainted space play

Trials in tainted space play

As you've seen before, Saec is a very beautiful bitch, with her womanly visage, curves, and those lovely golden locks flowing around her Trials in tainted space play, parted briefly by her big, fluffy puppy ears. She's very well-endowed, even compared to Belle, her big E-cups dwarfing her master's bust by comparison. Though, even on her hands Trials in tainted space play knees, it's easy to tell Saec is a very big girl, a foot taller than her master at the least.

Her skin is twinted and fair, but you can spot a few small scars on her near blemishless flesh, hard to see and very old from the looks of them, definitely from before Belle met the Triala. She's, of course, not wearing any clothes, but you spot a collar similar to yours around her neck, covered in Online dating jacksonville fl and electronics, though it seems to be turned off.

She was released from the custody of the shelter when she turned 16 and needed to make a living; she also had to leave her brother behind.

For the next 8 years, she begun doing numerous part-time and odd-jobs, until one of the places she applied to accepted her with the promise of a full-time job on Uveto. Desperate, she payed for a one-way trip to the frozen moon. Unfortunately, the job offer was a scam, the "company" stole her identity and then all of her property and life savings barring the clothes on Trials in tainted space play back.

After wandering Uveto homeless for the second time in her life, she found a job offer at Accu-Pitch that payed enough for her rent with little job requirements or background checks. She met Belle and was subjected to raunchy and perverse experiments in the name of "Science! Saec does not have any direct sex scenes but sexual encounters can be triggered through Belle 's Dates or Experiments.

Below is a list of all scenes that can have a sexual encounter involving Saec. Belle's experiments involve a variety of sexual taainted one after another in what appears to be a set progression. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. Jump to: Ttialssearch. Saec Saec's bust by JayEcho. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Dramacityhiphop app Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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Trials in tainted space play

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