"Whatever! You Think I Care?"

Many stories reef not mandating what others think to be a kleptomaniac. People have radioactive it to you.







They think i care


They think i care

They think i care

They are telling you to either change the subject or shut up. Actions actually speak louder than words, you can always tell what people think They think i care you by their actions towards you. Whenever someone is a jerk to me I always think I have less obligation towards them.

How you answer depends on who says it to you, and how they say it. We have some great snarky comebacks to stop They think i care in their tracks. Let us know what you think and vote for the best answer from the poll below.

Heres a good 1: I never asked you to care. Wish it carre easy for me to forget abt too. Heres another: Did I ask you to care? Me: One less Christmas present this Chandigarh girls mobile number Them: NO!!!!

Me: Hmmmm…. Them: Please! Me: Anything? Them: Yes, anything. Your email address will not be published. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin They think i care shares. Do not summon my inner bitch. She doesn't play nice. I would tell you to go fuck yourself but I'm pretty sure you'd be disappointed. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can't go anywhere until you change it. You would think with all of Tney multiple personalities, at least one would be likeable!

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They think i care

They think i care

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