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Soda and bone loss


Soda and bone loss

Pepper Veteran dating online Soda has been linked to osteoporosis, a condition that is marked by bone loss and puts you at risk for fractures, splints and breaks. We all know by now that the sugar in soda is linked to a host of health conditions, from obesity to dental cavities. Now soda is earning demerits for its association with degrading the skeletal system.

A study in the journal General Dentistry found that soda consumption causes tooth enamel erosion. Part of the erosion is due to the presence of the phosphoric acid. It has been known for some time that caffeine has been linked to bone loss because it interferes Soda and bone loss the absorption of calcium.

In addition, as a stimulant, caffeine is a diuretic. As it flushes water from your system, it also flushes out calcium. Osteopenia is considered a precursor to osteoporosis.

According to the experts at WebMD, start by adding a few of the following tips into your daily diet routine. Posted in: bone healthCelebritiesgwyneth paltrowNutritionosteoporosissoft drinks. Heather's background in nutrition and wellness only strengthens her work as a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor.

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Soda and bone loss

Soda and bone loss

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