10 Celebrities Who Are All About Their Bush

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Slutty female celebrities


Slutty female celebrities

The following 10 female celebrities are naughty and never nice. They've been on Santa's naughty list for quite some time by taking celebrity hoeing to a whole new level. Men kinda have to respect them because If there weren't hoes in the world, we'd have no way of making all the good girls feel bad for not being one too. Also because we have to be hoes because it's built into our DNA. And when she's not naked doing either of those things, she's releasing old sex tapes. That's a ho fo sho! That must be why both her and Ray J talked to the camera the whole tape saying stuff like "hey everybody.

Tara was passed around so much in the early 's that her body and face now resemble an old catcher's mitt. And only hoes get femaoe for pissing in public sinks. This includes lists about celebrity skanks, people who are wasting air we could all be breathing and female celebriies who probably smell like mayonnaise in the crotch region. And you know you're officially become a full-blown hoe when somoene spray paints Slutty female celebrities on the side Slutty female celebrities your house.

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Slutty female celebrities

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