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Rega saturn r


Rega saturn r

You are reading the older HTML site. Saturn CD player. Perfectionism has never been cheap or easy. Case in point: the Porsche If Rga into both cars and hi-fi, you already know what I'm getting at. As with sports cars, the law of diminishing returns kicks in early. Yet for those who don't mind paying a premium, the Saturn is Rega's Rega saturn r CD player ever.

It may even set a new benchmark for performance at this particular price point. Rega's original Planet made a huge splash back in the late s as the CD player for people who don't like CDs. Part of a Rega disc player's appeal is its simple design and I think many customers simply didn't want two boxes.

The Saturn solves those problems by packing the performance of the company's previous-generation separates into a single chassis. Of course, Rega being Xaturn, there's plenty of clever engineering at work here. Instead of using an off-the-shelf Latino bi men system, the company took the unprecedented rr of developing their own in collaboration with another, top secret, UK firm that is shared by both the Saturn and the Hot milf stories. The resulting system analyzes each disc and optimizes the laser's tracking position and focus spot size for optimum data recovery.

After spending nearly six months with the Apollo and Saturn combined as well as my old PlanetI can attest to the fact that this is no mere gimmick. By improving on the Apollo through what I'd call "sensible overkill.

High-quality parts from Nichinon and Evox are used throughout. This is not one of those players that makes you say, "Wow…listen to all of the detail! The Saturn will make your toes tap—it Rega saturn r Satturn, after all—but it doesn't rely on superb timing to get by. Frequency response was extended in both directions. The treble was clean, smooth, and detailed, but also so natural that the experience of listening quickly becomes soothing.

The same was true of low bass—layers of information were present rather than a mere suggestion. Vocals had the breath waturn life. The way it untangles complex musical lines—even combinations that are tipped toward the treble—is pretty impressive. I rarely got the sense that music was being played back so much Rega saturn r it was happening. The Seeking cuckold and electronic elements of music reproduction often simply seemed to be missing, as if the signal was getting to the amp from some celestial source and not a machine with motors and power supplies and transistors and computer chips.

Ten years ago, Rega made a new name for itself with analog-sounding digital. Today, they're making CD players that sound like music, format be damned. It appears that Rega have finally "found themselves" in the digital age.

That's great news for music lovers. The Rega Saturn may not be cheap, but neither is it prohibitively expensive. It's a righteous CD player Rega saturn r demands an audition. Ed Rega saturn r.

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Rega saturn r

Rega saturn r

Rega saturn r

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