Romantic Ideas the 1 Month Anniversary

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One month wedding anniversary ideas


One month wedding anniversary ideas

One month wedding anniversary ideas

So I'm walking back to my office, and right outside my door is a beautiful display of 1 dozen pink tipped roses with balloons that read "Happy Anniversary". I must say my heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw them.

I really didn't expect anything. It's funny because yesterday is when I remembered about our 1 mlnth anniversary being today and this morning I forgot to tell him.

Well after I dropped him off for work he text me "Happy 1 Month Anniversary". So we exchange One month wedding anniversary ideas heartfelt texts lol then, while at work, I text him "It's too bad we don't have extra cash for a nice dinner".

He says, "Well if we did, where would you want to go? I say, "I don't know". Then, jokingly, I say, "Well what time should I expect my roses? He says, "Sorry we're broke". Well he definetly surprised me They are so beautiful I love them. I have a great husband! Just wanted to share my excitment. Awwwww how very sweet and One month wedding anniversary ideas. Yup, already 1 month. It still hasn't wddding me completely. I've already went to change my drivers license but I think once I change my name on my social, maybe that's idexs it will hit me for sure.

It's too funny I just got off the phone with a past guest and her name is Leticia Barrera my married name. That was too funny! My FH has bought me flowers once, idaes V-Day this year I'm not huge on getting roses or flowers just because I believe they are a waist of money. But they're great when it's a complete surprise. We were shocked that my roses from my bouquet lasted about 2 weeks. That's so sweet! Don't you just love those little things that show that he was thinking about you?

To know that I have married a man that remembers all of monrh important things, does the sweetest things and shows his love for me in every way Log in Join now. Expert October Saved Save. Master May Aww I love it!!! Congrats on the one month anniversary! Master February Expert January How nice congrads. Master June Awww sweet story. Master January That is so sweet! And I can't believe it's been a month My first black dick VIP June What a great surprise.

Oh what a sweetheart. Congrats on your one month. Master August FMS, the barefoot wife! Expert March Devoted June That's wonderful!! Devoted November Congrats on 1 month! Sounds like you have a very thoughtful husband. VIP October Aww to cute! Happy one month snniversary!! Comment on this discussion. WeddingWire celebrates love Wedding Attire. Do It Yourself.

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month wedding ideas One anniversary X girl jp

One month wedding anniversary ideas

One month wedding anniversary ideas

One month wedding anniversary ideas

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