50 Hilarious Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Will Definitely Make Your Crush Smile

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One liner pick up lines


One liner pick up lines

One liner pick up lines

One liner pick up lines

What is a pun? It is a joke which exploits various possible meanings of a single word. Or simply, the fact that there exist multiple words which have nearly same sounds, yet different meanings. Or in other words, if a pun or a joke is used by anyone but a true master of puns, it is the lowest form of the humor. Only a master can make puns become highest and purest form of entertainment ever possible by humans. In this article, we will talk about such puns on space, i.

You will also find a great collection of space pick up lines in this post. Space is a huge and vast area. And compared to that, this page is a lot smaller. There is so many kinds of puns, literally millions. One of them is space puns; which are puns related to anything and everything about space. Are you a fan of astronomy, or are an aeronautical student?

If yes, then I bet you will find the below mentioned space pick up lines hilarious and simply amazing. Think I have missed some or have space pick up lines of your own that you want to share? Until then keep rocking!

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Search for:. Because it already has quite a million degrees! What kind of music would planets prefer to hear? Which stars wear glasses? Movie stars. During full New mature ladies. Why should the Sun get into a school?

To get brighter. What kind of magazines would the planets prefer to read? Well, he do has a lot of rings. If an astronaut steps on chewing gum then what will happen to him? He will simply be stuck on the Orbit.

How does one astronaut says sorry on the moon tell another astronaut? He Apollo-gises. How will you make a baby astronaut fall asleep peacefully? It is difficult to hold up a trouser. How does Jupiter does it? Simply, with an asteroid belt.

How will you come to know when the moon Emo frisur locken go broke? It would happen when moon is down to its last quarter. How does a Man cut his hair on the moon? Eclipse it. Why is the taste of moon rock better than that of Earth rock? How will you make the earth clean? By giving it a meteor shower.

What does someone mean by a light year? The same as a regular year, but with less calories and fat. What did the astronaut cook for lunch?

An unidentifiable frying object. Why did you guys not laugh at my space puns? Because there way to Sirius. What do you think the boy star told the girl star? I really glow for you. What kind of light goes around the earth? A Satel-lite. How will you save yourself if you come across an aggressive alien? Give him some space. What will you do if you come across a green alien? Why did the police arrest the star?

Missile Toe. Have you heard about some bones on the moon? Why do you think is the moon bald? Why does nobody invite Jupiter to the space parties? Because he has too much gas, always… The moon asked the sun: Buddy when you are so hot, why are you single yet?

The sun replies: I hurt everyone when they come close to me. Why people did not like the restaurant on? Because there was literally no atmosphere. Because no one was interested to planet. Why is Jupiter so sad and heartbroken? Because his crush wants a plutonic relationship with him. What time do spacemen get up? Alien in the morning. A right ear, left ear, and One liner pick up lines final front ear.

Where do the astronauts park their vehicles? At the parking meteors. Which channels do the asteroids like to watch? The comet-y channel. Which hot drinks space people like? Can you make a space pun? Yeah I can but I need a little bit time to planet. Which candy do astronauts like? Why would a cow want to go to space?

To see the Milky Way. How does NASA organize a birthday party? They planet. Have you heard about the latest restaurant that opened up on moon? No, how is that restaurant? Well, there are mixed reviews. People say the food is great. But there is no atmosphere or ambience. They make it meteor. What will you do when you will see a spaceman? You will simply park your car, man! What will a space turkey say to another one? Hubble Hubble. Have you heard about the chef on space station?

What do you think holds the moon up? Why an astronaut can be said similar to a football player? They both strive for touchdowns! What various kinds of fishes live in space? Scientists have Best places to meet men over 50 that the center One liner pick up lines Jupiter… has the letter i.

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One liner pick up lines

One liner pick up lines

One liner pick up lines

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