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My first squirt


My first squirt

The Author Sydney. I will never forget that day. It was the day after a big crazy party. My partner and I both went to bed feeling exhausted. The next day before we were fully awake, we started to kiss and explore each other. I worry too much about how my partner sees my body in the bright day light without my nice little dress and my faultless makeup. The morning it happened we tried several positions.

The desire of wanting him was so powerful that I became wet inside out. I was on fire. I was living in the moment. I experienced a tiny discomfort in my vagina mainly because of fear. The fear did not remove my desire of wanting him and wanting to feel his cock inside of me. I closed my eyes, I found my focus and determination; I wanted to go to a place where I have never been to before. I wanted to feel that special spot being reached. This orgasm came from a different spot.

It was so powerful that to a degree I had to pull myself away from his cock. While i was pulling away a liquid squirted from my vagina. My entire body was shaking. The water came out from a different hole. Sometimes porn can give us better sex education than anyone else. How lucky I am! I thanked my partner for giving me such a wonderful experience. It is like something has opened up inside me.

We both now know how to reach that climax. We now know the certain positions to make it happen. And the best recipe is to be free of the mind and relax.

How was it? What tips can you give other women to get there? These videos might help you to experience deeper orgasm. Potentially some pee, but if that bothers you, then maybe avoid sex. So glad this phenomena is coming out of the closet! Because no one wants to sleep on the wet spot! I am 51 and squirted for the first time last year. After… I am drained, and deeply satisfied. I crave a shot tequila after, its crazy! Funny story: One time while I was on top, I squirted him in his face!! Re-hydration Is import IMO.

I am blesses that my husband are still learning lots of fun sex stuff at our age!!! My first squirting experience was quite shocking. It led me on a journey over several years to understand it, and come to a place where I could accept this new ability. Life experience has brought me to a very different place in my sexuality than I was just 5 years ago.

Women should embrace these orgasms, and allow themselves this level of pleasure! Anyway the first time she was able to fully take me it was such a turn on for both of us and a huge relief for me and her as well im guessing. I spun her around abruptly and layed her on her back she giggled excitedly as my lips met hers.

As I took her shirt off and kissed my way down from her neck to her breasts teasing her nipple with my tounge before moving down to just above her pussy I stopped and looked up at her to see the her bearing the cutest devilsh grin, then went straight to work. A couple of women asked for input from men, and Randi, I hope this helps part of your question. I can only give my experience but women do seem to be embarrassed by squirting if they are still in the early part of a sexual relationship.

We are obviously doing something wrong as a society in order for women to feel this way about something so beautiful. The first time that she squirted with her orgasm, I had no idea that it was going to happen. She was Best dating apps for couples on her back diagonally on the side of the bed and I was standing up in front of her but holding her legs against my chest with her feet over both of my shoulders.

But importantly, it also gives me a better position and angle to be able to reach and pleasure her G-spot with every stroke.

Some women may need that in order to squirt through penetration. And when I can take in her beauty and feel her pleasure while watching the poetic motions of her soft elegant breasts, I can also tenderly kiss the inside of her legs and it all makes me want to ensure that every motion and every movement is pleasuring every part of her in the best possible way. This very first time of being intimate together was quite magical so it did not take long at all for her to have her first orgasm together and she squirted this very first time.

The anticipation she felt had her literally gushing and I thought the warm sensation was beautiful but she was apologizing over and over. I tried to tell her how erotic, sensuous and arousing it was to feel her warmth flowing down my legs while I was still inside her but she would not allow herself to believe it.

So I told her My first squirt I could not wait to feel her next orgasm, and that immediately started another orgasm after just a few seconds but then she still apologized. I told her that I was now dying to taste her beauty and she finally reluctantly let go. She orgasmed without squirting so I began to use 2 fingers at the same time. This made her squirt with her orgasm fairly quickly and neither of us knew that an intimate experience could be so cerebrally and physically pleasurable at the same time.

She then told me she believed me and that became her favorite way to orgasm. In fact, after knowing this, whenever we had sex through penetration, I would go down on her just as her orgasms would start and it would increase the intensity of her orgasms and prolong them, without fail. Somehow, that built up an anticipation for her that created a sexual tension so that when she orgasmed, they were really intense and long orgasms. Number 2 is that they need to understand that when a woman has an orgasm after receiving oral sex for 5 to 10 minutes, it only happens in porn movies or fantasies.

Lastly, if you really care about your significant other and want her to really understand how much you really care about her, then show her. Take the time and make the extra effort to find new or better ways to please her and make her happy.

Love is not a noun or a Hallmark card, it is a verb, an action that requires your participation and it is one that should never end. Like everything that is alive, if it is not nurtured, it will have a difficult time trying to survive.

You hit the nail on the head. Women take a long time to get warmed up, but the reward is great when a man allows for that time. I guarantee his experience will be much better if he just hangs in there. Leigh, www. But having a deep emotional connection that reaches farther back than romantics is I believe a big part of it. Having this connection made me shy at first when we did finally decide to take that leap 4 months ago; I was worried that all those years of waiting had made him love me less, especially since I had already married and had a child.

Now I have no shyness except when we try something new, and My first squirt is the first man to ever give me oral. So yeah, I My first time handjob every time he goes down on me, especially when I give it to him, because I feel it as an act of love. I felt like that at first, and honestly still do with some partners.

It looks like you posted this awhile ago. For myself, understanding it helped me greatly. I love this article! I must say that it Match 4 me nl been a world wind of a ride from our very first date. He makes me feel completely comfortable with him, which is a first. I have always been subconscious of myself with several things like Bug hall net worth I look too fat to my partner naked, do I feel good to my partner, do I satisfy my partner orally, as well as wondering if I taste good to my partner.

So like the woman from the article I was never completely relaxed. It was the middle of the day and he followed me into the bedroom and when I turned around he grabbed me and started kissing me and began pulling my clothes off. He layed me on the bed and started caressing me all over. This went on for a bit which I think is what actually got me to relax.

That and the way he was looking at me. Crazy as it might seem, his eyes were filled with such passion, taking every inch of my body in, that I found myself just submitting and becoming one with his touch. He then slid his hand between my legs and started stroking and penetrating me with his fingers. I felt this amazing feeling start to build up inside of me which he figured out quickly by my breathing and the moving of my hips up toward him.

His hands fell in line with me and every movement I made. Then it happened. I must say it was so intoxicating the feelings, emotional and physical, that came with this experience.

I am sure this will not be the first and last time this happens!! My first experience was with someone I was madly in love with. I had been pursuing with great patience. She had ended a 2 year relationship months before so she Shreddies underpants commercial trying to wait.

So the courting process commences.

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My first squirt

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