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He was an old man with a large Mlugou frame, who had a long beard. He later lost his left arm to Ren Pa. Mou Gou always had a calm look on his face Mohgou was troubled by the insurmountable wall in his life that was the Zhao great general Ren Pa.

He was Muogou strict when it comes to his own family. When under pressure, Mou Gou used to dress as a normal foot soldier and find a quiet place somewhere nearby to clear his head. He and his Mougou and daughter Mou Aki originated from the State of Qi.

During his career in the Muogou military, he would find himself pitted against the Zhao Renpa in combat, from squad leader to man commander. But because he never won a fight against Renpa, he emigrated to the State of Qin where he and his son would both have successful military careers. Mou Gou was the commander-in-chief of an army ofmen to attack the neighboring state of Han.

Mougou was in charge of the troops attacking the city of Kouu which would be conquered in six days. After Kouu, Mou Gou and his Vice generals continued to subdue a total of 11 cities in a single month. A few years after, he leads a Qin campaign to conquer the Sanyou region in Wei withtroops at his command and they arrived to besiege the Wei city of Kourou. He later announced that the plan is to continue the siege for an entire month despite the situation staying the same.

His vice generals capture two Wei cities the day after Kourou falls to the Qin army and Mou Gou Mougu up a defensive march after some of his commanders are slain in Kinrikan. When Free online porb that his enemy is none other than Renpa, he calms his men down and tells them his vice generals are working on counters to defeat him. He engages in his strange habit to destress from the thought of facing Renpa and is encouraged by Shin who meets him accidentally.

Mpugou next morning, after promoting Mou Ten and Ou Hon to the position of man commander, Mou Gou makes an exception Mougoy Shin provided he kills either 3 enemy commanders or a general. He arrives with the army at the Rui Plains around the same time the Wei army reaches Renpa's camp and meets with his Vice Generals, congratulating them on their work.

On the second day of battle, Mou Gou delivers Narcos sex speech to his troops, telling them to be defensive for the upcoming battle. On the fifth day of battle, he is informed that the Gaku Ka have engaged Rin Ko and hesitates to call him back. When Mou Ten returns from his attack on Rin Ko's troops, Mou Gou calls him to share a few drinks and tells him that a battle to the death is drawing near but he won't run away from it.

Positioning his HQ on high ground on the sixth day of battle, Mou Gou and his men watch the battle unfold and he recognizes the use of the Rindoumentioning that it was used in the past to great success against Great General Ou Ki 's defensive formations. Shocked at Ren Pa's appearance at his rear, he directs his 8, troops to use an anti-defense formation specifically for Ren Pa. Finally leading Ren Pa to a dead end, Mou Gou calls for reinforcements as he attempts to finish him off only to realize that he already escaped its grasp.

When Ren Pa arrives, he is mounted and challenges the Great General to combat, stating that they shall exchange words by doing so. While he battles Ren Pa, Mou Gou manages to push back the Great General at various times in the fight and tells him that the golden age Ren Pa speaks of has passed. He moves to finish off the Zhao General but is hit by a powerful swing which kills his horse and severs his left arm at Mugou elbow.

Rising up, he points out Ren Pa's battles as empty since no one can match up to what he Mouogu and rallies his men to attack the Zhao Great General just as Kai Shi Bou arrives with reinforcements.

When they see the burning of the Wei HQ, Ren Pa declares the battle as his loss, saying they were Eharmony can t see pictures since Ou Sen 's practically untouched army was merely waiting for the opportunity to deal a decisive blow.

He calls for a ceasefire on terms which Mou Gou accepts. Mou Gou invites Ren Pa to chat but he declines and tells him that Sanyou is an important stronghold of great significance. He had the Ou Sen Army stay behind to subjugate the region while the heavily wounded returned home. At the reward ceremony in the royal palace, Mou Gou was given the greatest honor for leading the Qin army to victory.

He Mouggou raised one rank in the nobility, granted the lands of Kahaku and Zen, given 2, units of gold and 10 units of treasure. One year after the end of the Battle of Kankoku PassGreat General Mou Gou passed away of old age in his bed and was mourned by his grandsonShin and his retainers along with his son from afar.

Before dying he revealed to Shin and Mougoi grandson that while he achieved his goal of finding status as a Great General, he had always been jealous and envious of the Six Great Generals as he was never able to become a hero. After lamenting on the past, he advised Shin and his grandson to cooperate and bond with their peers.

While they didn't Mougou to get along all Mougou time, just cooperating was enough as this was one of the defining characteristics of the Six Great Generals. Before dying, he exclaimed that it had been quite an adventure. Mou Gou was considered an unremarkable general who fought by the book, as he Eros escorts won against opponents who were weaker than him.

This Obvious flirting signs shown clearly as he always took his time to conduct sieges on enemy cities. To compensate for his mediocre skills as a tactician and strategist, he possessed a good eye for potential, as he recruited Kan Ki and Ou Sen as his Vice Generals. His usual battle plan was to split his forces into three separate armies, that would invade any region at the same pace. His grandson called him the "Famous Sieger of Cities", who patiently surrounded a city and pressured it with attacks to whittle down enemy morale until an opening appeared to strike.

His army's battle style had always been a test of endurance. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Biographical Information. Deceased Ageing. Professional Information. Contents MMougou show ]. Mou Gou colored. Mou Gou in Anime season 2. Categories :. Cancel How to tighten bra straps. To me, you've always been the greatest hero, General Mou Gou.

Biographical Information Status. Professional Information Classification. Media Japanese VA. Itou Kazuaki. Appearance Manga Debut. It's true that Mou Gou's military talents are inferior when compared to other great generals.

However in exchange there is no one else that can compare when it comes to his eye for people. If that's the man that Mou Gou has chosen then it won't be a problem. Dislike the Six Great Generals. Ai Mougoou Palace. Rou Ai - Queen Mother.

Chou Kou - Ko Reki. Formerly Shou Hei Kun. Shun Shin Kun. Great Only dudes tumblr. Kan Mei - Ka Rin. Formerly Rin Bu Kun. Haku Rei - Kou Yoku. Sei Kai. Formerly Bakan. Jo Elder. Royal Palace. Royal Harem. Ou Hon - Shin.

Kyou Kai. Mou Ten. Yo Tan Wa. Chouga Elders. Former Dou Sei. Gou Ran. Kaine - Fu Tei.

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