Top 10 Handsome Men In The World 2019

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Most handsome people


Most handsome people

The actor's life and career were both cut tragically short when he died in a car crash in at the age of Still widely considered one of the greatest screen actors of all time, Brando's career spanned an astounding four decades, leaving an influence that remains today. Before there was George Clooney and Mr.

Big, there was Cary Grant—the ultimate classic leading man of Old Hollywood. The heartthrob was best-known for his romantic comedies of the s and s including Giant, Magnificent Obsession and Pillow Talk. Inhe tragically became the first major celebrity to die from AIDS.

The actor and philanthropist's bright blue eyes were unforgettable on screen, transcending flawlessly into handaome career move from actor to race car driver. The King of Rock and Roll hit the scene in the '50s, causing everyone Mature white milf lose their minds with that coiffed back hair, deep Most handsome people and those "scandalous" dance moves.

How could anyone resist that head of hair? The Oscar-winning actor was impossible not to fall in love with in his many romantic films that spanned from the '60s to today. Before his Most handsome people as a director, Eastwood lit up the screen with his charming looks in a slew of Western and action films.

The Oscar-winning actor has a repertoire of inspiring, powerful roles but also not to be overlooked? His incredibly good looks and also, his abs in The Hurricane. The Nirvana frontman perfectly mastered the grunge look and had the greatest head of hair and blue eyes to go along.

From his TV role on ER to taking on the film scene, Clooney pepple somehow only managed to get better looking with age since the start of his career. Since then, the actor went on to make our heart skip a beat in movies like Mr. Smith, Babel, and Inglorious Handsoms. From the second he stepped on the Nandsomethe actor stole all of our hearts—and remains the ultimate heartthrob to this day. He rose to fame in the U. With blonde Most handsome people locks, the dreamiest of eyes and a perfect jawline, the late actor skyrocketed as the ultimate Hollywood heartthrob in the late '90s and early '00s.

His effortlessly cool sense of fashion doesn't hurt either. The soulful singer and songwriter rose to fame with his music in the '90s and has since led the way Matt artisan cheat sheet the art of being cool. Since launching his career with both TV and film roles, the English actor has become a handsome fixture on red carpets across the globe.

Starring as Full House Manu chao esperanza rar dreamy, sort of bad boy Uncle Jesse, the Greek actor has been making all of us utter the words "have mercy" since the '90s. The male supermodel rose to prominence after fronting Ralph Lauren's Polo menswear line—he's since remained one of the gandsome and best dressed male models.

Whether Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit or Pirates of the Caribbeanthe English actor manages to make even the least attractive of roles incredibly hot. If you somehow didn't fall in Soluna sword with Gosling in The Notebook which is pretty impossiblethe actor's had hndsome additional roles to convince you from Blue Valentine to Crazy Stupid Love.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. James Dean. Marlon Brando. Cary Grant. Rock Hudson. Paul Newman.

Elvis Presley. Steve McQueen. Robert Redford. Clint Eastwood. Richard Gere. Denzel Washington. Kurt Cobain. George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Leonardo DiCaprio. Ricky Martin. Heath Ledger. Jared Leto. Pharrell Williams. Justin Timberlake. Lenny Kravitz.

Ryan Phillippe. Idris Elba. Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor has kept his spot as the ultimate hunky boy next door since the '90s. Prince Harry. John Stamos. Tyson Beckford. Orlando Bloom. Ryan Gosling. John Legend. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. How to Make Abortion Great Again. Deepika Padukone's Global Domination.

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Most handsome people

Most handsome people

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