Girls: If a guy you liked, sent you a blank text.. How would you react?

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Meaning of blank message from boy


Meaning of blank message from boy

Meaning of blank message from boy

Meaning of blank message from boy

Probably they sent the text without intending to or something like that. Is the meeting good? I do this at least once a day. Anyone trying to communicate to you passive aggressively through a blank text message should be ignored. I always blame it on my fat thumbs especially when I hit send before I meant to and send half a confusing txt. Express directly. This question is in the General Section. Responses must be helpful and on-topic. To join, you must be at least 13 Meaning of blank message from boy old and agree to blsnk terms and conditions.

General Question. What does it mean when someone sends frmo an empty text message? It was in reply to a proposed meeting. Add Topic questions 33 people. Add Topic questions 15 people. Add Topic 2, questions people. Add Topic questions 51 people. Add Topic questions 43 people. Add Topic 1, questions 97 people. Add Topic 25 questions 4 people. Add Topic questions 11 people. Add Topic 4 questions 0 people. Add Topic questions 12 people. Add Topic 12 Meaning of blank message from boy 0 people.

Add Topic 13 questions 0 people. Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0. It means they have fat fingers. I would avoid the proposed meeting at all costs. Operator error. You could sent them a blank one back. Wrong button pressi do this from time to time on my touch screen phone. Maybe they spat on their phones screen and sent the message. Login or Join to answer.

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blank boy from of message Meaning Danger zone sex

Meaning of blank message from boy

Meaning of blank message from boy

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