Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

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Mantric prostate


Mantric prostate

Sometimes, in sex toy testing, you get utter turd to review, and giving a balanced review can be a tricky ask. Sometimes, in sex toy testing, you get something that is Mantric prostate complete game changed and you actually worry whether your words can do it justice. So, challenge accepted, let me tell you how awesome the Mantric Prostate Massager from Lovehoney is.

The concept is a familiar one. A toy shaped in a by now expected fashion, an L-shaped chunk of silicone with a motor in it. Or two, in the case of the Mantric Prostate Massager. There is the usual bulb that features on this particular genre of prostate massager. The business end that probes to pleasure the prostate. The box it arrives in is unassuming plain and otherwise unremarkable — pretty much exactly how I like my boxes. So inside we have some packing, and inside that we have the Mantric Prostate Massagerand the wee control that goes with it.

It also has a rather snazzy charging cable. I say rather snazzy since it is three-ended. Yep, a three-way charger. A menage-a-troicharger if you will. Basically for one USB plug you get two ends to charge both the vibe and the control simultaneously.

Bloody genius. What is missing is a storage bag, but whaddayeknow, Lovehoney sell those too! So, step one, charge the device. Simple enough — stick the single Match how much does it cost in your phone charger plug gotta love a USB right? The Sdxpay ports are concealed by self-healing silicone to give you a waterproof option. Then sit and watch the light show!

A quick tour through the functions. The button scrolls through a 7 of functions comprising 2 constant settings and 5 patterns. The toy itself features 2 motors, one which is internal, to stimulate the prostate, and a second which would sit external to stimulate the perineum.

What Saxy movie online really really like is that the Mantric prostate in the prostate vibe itself glows a different colour depending upon what pattern you have it set to.

One it is inserted, with of course some lovely water-based lube, prostaye is an prodtate stable fit. Even the first setting on this prostate massager is super awesome. It hits you right in the pleasure zone. Instant rumbles on the prostate took my breath away, and gasping for air, the stimulation rumbles to your core.

I am so incredibly impressed with the power that this thing carries. I have always carried a preference for heavy dildos for prostate stimulation, but the Mantric Prostate Massager really is protate game changer in this respect. After a minute or so of composing myself enough to concentrate on the sensations that were rumbling through the whole of my groin area, I remembered there was also an external motor here.

So, here I am, laid Compare dating sites on my bed, prostate alive with sensation. I have my right hand positioning the vibe so it is tickling just the right spot, and my left hand gripped round the base of my cock. The Mantric Prostate Massager breaks this self-learned rule. I can feel, in the base of my cock, the vibrations that are rumbling through, along my urethra prostte into my cock.

As the sensations rise, and my cock throbs, a wave of pleasure takes over my body. Girl on top sex with the Mantric Prostate Massager is simply astonishing. The strength Manrtic erection it gave me, and the endurance that prostate massage seems to reward me with led to an extremely worthwhile and entirely satisfying experience for both of us.

It delivers every time, I seriously this bit of kit. So, the Mantric Prostate Massager. Absolute game changer postate me for prostate stimulation. Well done Lovehoney. CA: Mantric Prostate Massager. Aus: Mantric Prostate Massager. Europe: Mantric Prostate Massager.

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Mantric prostate

Mantric prostate

Mantric prostate

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