God of War® III Remastered - Kratos and Afrodita

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Kratos and aphrodite god of war 3


Kratos and aphrodite god of war 3

Aphrodite's Handmaidens are the servants of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. When Kratos first encounters Aphrodite, she is seen fondling and making out with her handmaidens. After a brief conversation with Kratos, Aphrodite dispatches them, seducing Kratos into having sex with her. Aphrodite's handmaidens appear topless and totally uncensored in the game as well as Aphrodite herself who also appears topless in her chamber when you play a sex minigame with her.

If Kratos returns to the chamber from the Hyperion Sunny megatron episodes the two handmaidens are seen again on Aphrodite's bed leaning towards her, but will go away again giggling. One is taller, with long, shoulder-length blonde hair and fair skin. Kratos and aphrodite god of war 3 breasts are very small and can nearly be covered by the top of her night-gown. The other is shorter with dark, coffee-colored skin, and short chin-lengthbrown hair.

Wqr also has much larger breasts even larger than Aphrodite's being so large that they spill out of her top. Even her areolas are large. Both women wear night-gowns similar to Aphrodite, although they are merely white sheets that cover their buttocks and pubic area. The "tops" of the gown do little to cover their breasts, once again similar to their mistress. Both women seemed to have been chosen as handmaidens, so as to satisfy their mistress' sex drive day and night. They both enjoy sex and don't hesitate to pleasure themselves when their mistress is with someone else.

They also appear to be envious of their mistress since she gets to Kratos and aphrodite god of war 3 sex with the handsomest, strongest, hardest men. They are one of the few characters not scared by Kratos, in Kratis of his reputation and seem to admire him.

Handmaiden 1: Oh! Such Power! Handmaiden 2: If it's this good watching, just imagine! Handmaiden 1: Is he going to Handmaiden 2: I grow jealous of ov mistress.

Handmaiden 1: Why does Aphrodite always get to have all of the fun? Handmaiden 2: Aphtodite will it be our turn? Am I too much woman for you to handle? Wanna do it again? Sign In Endofnever have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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Kratos and aphrodite god of war 3

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