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Kotor side quests


Kotor side quests

Kotor side quests

This part Kotor side quests the Dantooine walkthrough deals with any "side quest" not yet dealt with in the previous part of the walkthrough.

Since Dantooine is such a straight-forward planet as far as linearity is concerned, the only way to integrate the side quests into the walkthrough is to make a separate section for them here. You will find all of the side quests on the planet discussed here minus the queats quest that takes place with the Twi'lek on the bridge, in which you have to figure out who murdered an innocent person.

That side quest I entitled "Who's Guilty? This quest automatically begins when you speak to Zhar and Vandar after you complete the 3rd Jedi trial. After you begin the Nice filipina sex leave the Jedi Council building and go out to the fields beyond the city and Jedi Council area.

You'll need to go to the Matale Grounds, which can be sude by walking past the Rodian selling weapons and taking the first right turn into the next area. You'll need to go to the far right end of the Matale Grounds, fighting off any remaining Kath Hounds.

When you get to a valley on the right side, you'll find a corpse. Search the corpse to find some goods, including Casus' diary. Casus is the dead Sandral boy that Ahlan Matale was talking about when he interrupted a Jedi Council meeting when you became a Padawan! You'll need to take this information and go to the Matale's residence, which is located back the other way from where you found the corpse of young Casus.

Go to the front entrance of the Matale mansion and talk to the armed droid. When he asks what you're doing here, tell him you are here on behalf of the Jedi Council. This will instantly prompt the droid to go get his master, and his master does come out to speak with you under heavy armed guard. He'll instantly blame the Sandrals for kidnapping his son named Shen.

Kotir tells you the story of how Sandral droids were found on his property and destroyed by his own security droids. He wasn't going to risk the reason assassination, spying, et cetera the droids were there for.

This angered the Sandral estate and he is hell-bent on the Koor that the Sandrals kidnapped his boy because of this!

The Sandrals and Matales are in constant dispute, it seems. Eventually, Ahlan Matale offers you 1, Credits that you don't have to give to the Council, as he insinuates to find his son. You can tell him to up it to 2, not to give you anything, or accept the offer. Whatever you do, we now have to go to Girls in williamsport pa Sandral Estate.

Once you get to the Sandral Estate which is easy to find, it's south on the Sandral Groundsgo to the front entrance of the mansion and talk to the droid there. Tell the droid, when he asks what quess doing here, that Casus is dead. When you tell him this, the droid will let you inside immediately Urdu writing sex kahani that you may talk to the head of the Sandral household.

Once inside, you will talk with Nurik, Casus' father. When you tell him that Casus was killed by Kath Hounds, he seems surprised, because he sidr certain that the Matales were to blame. He then asks for his son's diary, which you have.

He'll give Kotor side quests Credits for it. You can be a Light Side kind-of guy and refuse the money, take the money, or talk him up to Credits to get closer to the Dark Side. Whatever you do, he promptly ends the conversation thereafter, and you find yourself back outside.

This is not the end of the side quest, however. When you get outside, another cutscene ensues in which the daughter of Nurik comes outside. Rahasia the girl is obviously beating around the metaphorical bush about something. Don't get too angry or uppity at her and she'll eventually spill the beans to you - Nurik Sandral really did think that the Matales kidnapped Casus, and so he kidnapped their boy Shen in return. Even though he now knows that the Matales were not responsible for the disappearance of Casus as Kath Hounds killed himhe still doesn't care.

He wants vengeance, and Rahasia is afraid that if Shen isn't rescued immediately, that Shen will be hurt or killed. She gives you a key card that will open the door at the back of the Sandral Estate.

Leave and go around the back of the house. Open Kotor side quests door and enter back into the estate through this back, now-unlocked door. Once you sidde the house through this back entrance, a droid will attack you from the left. Additionally, you'll need to disable a mine in front of you. Kill the droid and disable the mine. The door beyond the mine is our first target.

It's locked, so pick the lock and enter the small room. There's a footlocker within it, in which you'll find an Advance Medpac. Go back to the previous corridor now. In the adjacent room to your right, the door will be open but the footlocker will be locked. Pick the lock on the footlocker and inside you'll find 30 Credits and a Medpac.

Work your way, now, to the next door around on the other side of the corridor. Pick the lock of this door and you'll find Shen! He's not going anywhere, however.

He fears for the safety of Rahasia, and will only leave if she goes along with him. It's that simple. We now have Look xpress go find her and give her this information. The room next to where Shen was is the Security Control Room. Within you'll have to fight questw fairly powerful droids. Once they're dead, explore the room their in, as there are two footlockers there.

Within the two footlockers, you'll find a Computer Spike and 2 Repair Kits. Once the three droids in this room are defeated, go to the two footlockers on the left side of this particular room, and grab the Response Package2 Frag Grenades and the Light Scan Visor out of them.

Then, go forward through the door and out of this room completely. Make sure to grab the Sonic Rifle from the large locker in the room as well. You'll meet a lone qkests sentry in this corridor - other than that, we're going to go from qests to room to grab goods and kill enemies for experience. We'll go from right to left. There's a computer console in there you can hack if you so desire as well.

In the next room over, there are no enemies, but in auests footlocker in the room, you'll find 25 Credits and a Medpac. Going further left skipping the door we came into the corridor viayou'll questx an empty room with nothing in it. Qusts the room out of the other door in there, and you'll be back in a corridor. The next room over is Rahasia's.

Tell her about how Shen won't leave without her, and she'll easily agree to meet him outside. Time is of the essence however! Before leaving her room, make sure to search the footlocker within to find 25 Credits and a Medpac.

Then go back to Shen's room, tell him the scenario, and you'll find yourself outside before long. The two will speak, and you will find that you now have a hell of a choice to make. Basically, you'll be making a lot of choices in the upcoming conversation. You can convince them all to kill each other, you can try to convince them to let the kids be, you can convince the two children to split sied.

There are so many possible outcomes to this side quest that it's impossible to both name them all and go into detail on how to have them occur. Your best bet is to try to persuade the parents to let the kids stay together. If you fail, the children will run off to the enclave to be with each other. The parents will be mad at you, but if you succeed, then all will end well.

It's a chance you'll have to take! For dark side points, of course, you can have them all kill each other. That's always a good time. The Mandalorians are spread out in three core groups throughout the various fields ahead, in the Grove and elsewhere.

They are easy to find and often found accompanied by weaker Duros. When all three core sive are defeated, go back and talk to Jon. He'll tell you to go after their leader, and only then will they stop their harassment of the locals.

Go back into the fields ahead of him. The group leader and his posse can be found by going past the Rodian weapons Naked wyoming girls near where Jon is but outside of the confines of the Jedi Council buildingheading forward and then left, further into the fields.

Go left and forward through various tall rocks. Beyond that, you'll want to sids right, into the next area, and go right through this area, into the Grove. Free cougar sex chat forward through this area, and you'll run into the Mandalorian leader we've been searching for. After some threats of how he's going to kill you and take your lightsaber, the fight begins.

You'll want to begin by aiming a grenade whether it be CryoBan or Frag at the leader of the Mandalorian, so you take off some of his health, and the health of those surrounding him as well. This is a difficult battle, so save beforehand and go in with full health, prepared. You're best off in this battle with out auests lightsaber. Equip duel blasters and you'll be better off. After the initial grenade attack, begin to duke it out with the leader of the Mandalorian, and let the other two in your party fight off the rest of the foes.

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Kotor side quests

Kotor side quests

Kotor side quests

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