Top 35 Famous Emo Girls With Their Hot Hairstyles

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Hot emo girls


Hot emo girls

Hot emo girls

Sexy smoking hot emo and scene girls are beyond your league. The opposite of the nerd girl with glassesthe sexy scene girl is the one the internet nerd will never have a chance with.

She is the epitome of coolness. She is everything they are not. They might as well just slink back to their basements. But everyone wants want they cannot have and for this reason, they are strangely fetishized over and above many of the other female denizens of the internet.

Emo was Date con weird fashion craze of the nineties. Every decade has one.

The culture was focused on angst and the expression of feeling. Today it is mocked and ridiculed, but for a while it was wildly popular amongst the young people. Emo fashion was generally a retro look, with tight fitting fifties sweaters and tighter pants. Hair was usually long, sometimes died black an often with long bangs which is obscure one eye or part of the face.

What is a sexy scene girl? The word is generally just used to refer to someone who is completely immersed in their particular scene. A scenie has hair and clothes that would make any magazine model jealous. A goth scene girl looks gothy. An indie rocker scene girl looks less gothy.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Can somebody pleaseeeeeee tell me the name of the girl giving the middle finger? The one with the two lip piercings. I saw these photos and I have to say, not all emo girls look like this.

People see me and they call me a nerd. These pictures want people to think that I'm a whore and what not. I'm not, I'm that chick all by herself reading a book or drawing. These girls are begging for attention, they are not real emos, they are what you call "posers". But what do I know? Some Catholicmatch dc people might cry for attention, but they should. But I don't cry for attention, I hate attention. I hate people that laugh at me.

But I don't cry about it, I stay strong. People are gonna troll me for this but, I don't care. Do what you please. You can't change me. Im emo and im a girl.

Im bi :P but some of this girls are showing wayyy too much! Uh blah! Put New team 10 house price of these girls are cute :D. There are no such things a leagues, some people only think that they are too good for someone and spend too much time pretending to be superior, me on the other hand, I enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy just being me; a hot emo girl who dates a regular guy, who is considered a nerd.

Its realy hot and i like all thease cute girls. Its not tradition but realy awesome trend emo. I'm sorry it's just weird that y'all girls look disgusting in some of these pics. Not all scene girls or girls who like this style Are jail bait. I'm And i love this style.

Yes these girls want attention but that isn't a bad thing. I think that expressing themselves like this is a lot better then going out and having a bunch of sex or cutting themselves.

I used to be a cutter and now i have stopped because i found an outlet that makes me feel better about myself and my looks. Just look at this picture of me. I've been called "emo" and "scene". These days, people think emo is a sense of style, but it's really emotional. I've known people who slice all across their wrists, but Sexiest ass on earth look like this, yet still called emo.

I've known "emos" who didn't cut at all, but were stills called emo. It's not a fashion statement. Pony puffin anwendung chicks are gorgeous, yes, but they can really take it too far. As you Hot emo girls, some of these girls are probably 13ish, but they dress and look like this because it's usually all they see these days.

It's crazy. All I love about "Scene" is the hair and the skinny jeans. It's a teen phase. I know I'll grow out of it! Peace out. I sware if some one tells me the name of the 2nd girl with red and black hair i willl give you twenty bucks on paypal. The one with blonde hair wearing all white, skinny as hell, deffinetly a dude, sorry guys, but he deffinetly has some hardware under those clothes.

I think Scene girls are, by far, the sexiest girls in history. I think all of you girls are so hot in your confidence. Why are you going that way? Is it porn your after? I think the bunch of hags are still in school banging their throats for a good evening. Is that punk rock or what? The final edge is final fantasy. Granted, they're a paedophiles dream and a young guys fantasy. But come on, they'll leave you for the guy down the street when they're drunk, txt your ex to stir shit for fun and they quite clearly think they're it by that bitchy looking attitude pose.

You might as well just decide to sod trusting them and have a one night stand if you're into such a thing, wear a condom please. Nicely done! Pleasing read. Keep It ! After reading a Hot emo girls comment I've come back to update mine. Yea I passed that photo over It just didn't fit but after reading the comment that pointed to this photo, and sure enough, Its not a female, That's for certain!

People call me emo but im not I just like the style, and i see no point in cutting yourself. I'm an emo? Kurwa,ale przejebane laski nie ktore naprawde wyjebane w huj,nie lubie emo,ale sa tutaj z 3 laski wyjebane takie ze ooooooooo,ja pierdole.

Did anyone else notice that the one with the white t-shirt in the professional-looking photograph is a guy? Hints that helped me find tgat out. Quite disturbing? Im scene chicky poo. I think. Wat the hell? Im C: -- i fully agree. Some of the girls in those photos aren't scene at all. But I did like the picture with the paper bag comment. It was thoroughly entertaining. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Hot emo girls

Hot emo girls

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