Cruising Isn't Dead—If You Know Where to Look

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Gay cruising jfk airport


Gay cruising jfk airport

Gay cruising jfk airport

Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in the world. There are quite a few offices in the neighborhood and many people travel by train trough Schiphol on a daily basis. The cruising is usually happening in the toilets. If you are staying in a hotel at Schiphol and you can host a date, then we advice you to publish an advert few days in advance on Craigslist men seeking men or casual encounters sections. Using the dating apps helps too. The best time is after hours till during the weekdays.

There are also some guys, who are cruising during their lunch break till The place has huge Gay cruising jfk airport between and in the morning, but so far not much is happening at that time. During the weekend the best Free no strings attached websites is between andbut usually it is not as busy as the weekdays. Go to the toilet situated next to train platform 5 and 6 at Schiphol Plaza. This is a small toilet with 3 cabins and 6 urinals.

Pretend that you are using one of the urinals. In the past all Gay cruising jfk airport cruising used to happen at a very small and quiet toilet, situated in the baggage lockers section. Hanging at a certain place for a long period may attract the attention of the Airport Security Authorities. Later I spotted her going trough her stuff where I saw a radio, same as the once used by the security at the airport….

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Gay cruising jfk airport

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