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Father attracted to daughter


Father attracted to daughter

Father attracted to daughter

Father attracted to daughter

Ask Your Question today. I'm female, and just turned 18 a few months ago. I'm pretty average in all areas. Ever since I can remember feeling "romantic" attraction, I've found myself inexplicably attracted to my father. He's not the kindest attrscted people, and he Father attracted to daughter really high expectations of me so it's been very painful for me to try to live up to his standards, but nonetheless I've never been able to shake the feeling of being attracted to him, both emotionally and physically.

I've tried to quash this impulse in myself and have dated several other people, but my father is the standard to which I hold everyone else, and no one measures up. Attrcted this just me longing for a loving father-daughter relationship that we haven't had? Or is it what it feels like - romantic desire? Has anyone else ever felt this way? A girl pours her heart out, possibly seeking understanding and comfort she can't get from family members for obvious reasons, and all she gets is sarcasm, name calling, rejection and a bunch of strangers trying to impose their moral values onto her.

Probably the same bunch who covet the neighbour's teen daughter or 'enjoy' the preteen sleep overs arranged by their own daughters. Ain't it sad people are so fast to judge and criticise others, pretending to uphold moral standards they do not have?

Darling, it is not normal and you should brush it off your mind. This is normal I have 2 girls that are in love with their father. It's obvious to everyone, however as a dad it's my responsibility to keep this situation under control. The father has a responsibility to protect their daughters from anything that may cause them pain. As a dad you draw a line of acceptable behavior.

Its not normal to be sexually attracted to ones father. Look, I am in the social work field and because of this I had to study psychology, human behavior, and mental illnesses. That said, several people of made reference to the Electra Complex female version of Oedipus Complex. Freud was the first to discover the Oedipus Complex and Carl Jung was the psychologist who coined the term Electra Complex.

Jung and Freud had many disagreements with theories and Freud refused to use Jung's terminology so he just referred to a girl's attachment to her father as the Female Oedipus Complex. She then seeks to have intercourse with him to have some sort of attachment with a penis. The term Penis Envy came from this theory. You are already aware of the reason for your attraction to your father. You stated it in your opening question.

I'm referring to when you asked, "Is it me longing for a father-daughter relationship I've never had? I would say that is exactly what it is. You probably have a low self-esteem as well as this usually accompanies this syndrome.

I do not know to what lengths your attraction to your father reaches but, for attgacted sake of covering all the bases, I would say if you are actually sexually aroused by him or Fatjer that he is having intercourse with you during masterbation or just daydreaming then I would say you don't fit the normal profile of a woman needing acceptance from dad. I hope this helps you to see where you are. A relationship where you are valued on every level and where there is no hurtful behavior being acted out.

TammyFP such nice notes It's normal and it'll go away Alternatively, boys experience the Oedipus complex As a daughter that was abused by her father and as a foster mom who helped parent children molested by their fathers Read Mckenzie phillips new book about what her consentual sexual relations with her father as an Sex hookup sites did to her mentally and spiritually This would be a good book to read.

Take care. Seriously, attdacted listen to half these people. It is normal in some circumstances to develop what you Seducing a younger woman for your father. It will go away eventually. Just don't be stupid and act on those impulses.

One good way to avoid anything you'll saughter later is to get out of the house as fast as possible and get your own place somewhere. You can still love him as your father and be moved out. It's not your fault and your not a bad person, it's just not normal. But if you did have sex with your dad it would be victimless crime-given your age-as long as no child was concieved. Know there's is nothing perverse about you so long as you're not intentionally hurting anyone or knowingly letting someone get hurt to satisfy your needs.

Father attracted to daughter my moral code, anyway. To dwell on this attrscted cause only grief. If you seduce him and he goes for it, the thrill will last till he cums and it all will go down hill from there. If he doesnt Fathwr for it then it still presents the same. Skake it up a little and dad will fade.

Its not normal. But I can unfortunately relate! Psychiatry may be our best bet. Oedipus Complex is at work here Sounds strange however, Froid has some theories on this. Basically we're all somewhat attracted to our family members, because we're all human.

Possibly talk to a therapist? I think that this is normal. I know it can disgust people, and the thought of it is extremely taboo, but, what are you going to do? It's just something that some people. I think youhave been trying to make him happy since you were a littel girl.

He's your role model and the person you look up to to show you what to do and you are wanting to please him. You want to be perfect in his eyes, and you've obviously been striving for that. I think because of this, you are attracted to him because he is such a strong male figure in your life. If these really start bothing, help is available. I dont think its a great thing, but I think every girl has those feelings at one point, I grew up with a step dad that was very hard to please and yet when I was older I had the same feelings about him, it is your minds way of trying to cope with not have a normal relationship, your mind is craving his love and affection and its just showing daughted as romantic feelings.

Thats just wrong in so many levels Your dads supposed to be old and dumb to you not sexy and dreamy. Your dad fertilized your mom so you can get here, and now you want him to fertilize you.

Man, that baby will come out retarted or something. Don't overthink this! Dear god it's not normal and get a life, I hope your father isn't as stupid as you to have sex with someone who has a trouble sticking to a date. I was monumentally in love with my handsome dad. He used to let me watch him masturbate, and these images truly haunt me.

He was a very disturbed man who eventually took his own life by shooting himself in the mouth with a shotgun. He attrscted this while I was alone in the house. I believe he was trying to daughtter me' in his own, sick way. AKa 'daddy issues'. It's definitely emotionally rooted and I would advise getting into counseling. In the meantime, don't act on it. Good luck :. No good will Fatheg of it if you let your desires get the better of you.

I can understand that must be a atracted, but that's nothing compared to what could happen if this got out. Maybe your just spending too much time with him? Don't be too harsh on yourself about this, i'm sure you'll meet someone who will completely replace this attraction. I don't know if it's normal, though I read some of the comments, and some believe it is. I think I read somewhere that it is.

The feeling will probably go away And if I were you DON'T act upon this feeling You aytracted may be attractes close to your father, and like him so much, you want a husband like him, which is perfectly normal The feeling will probably go away, but if not, I would suggest professanal help for it, Hot sexx it probably won't be nessesary.

The closest man to you is your father and will therefore Nasty emoji pics the feelings on him. It can be normal to find your father attractive, but you are only trying to get to Fzther him better and there are ways of doing this without having a sexual relationship with him. Also the majority of girls use the image of their dad as the standard of what they need to find in a future husband.

I think you may have subconciusly thought, 'if i need to find someone like my dad to fall in love with, why not get the real thing and go for him?! Have a relationship Father attracted to daughter your dad, but Funny online dating icebreakers right one.

Take care x. To a woman, romance and sex are closely related with affection, emotional intimacy and security. You want affection, acceptance and security from your father. Since your father holds you to such high expectations, you do not feel accepted for just being who you are.

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Father attracted to daughter

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