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Erotic stories blog


Erotic stories blog

Erotic stories blog

Fiction-fanatics, meet your next addiction: our curated collection of scintillating erotic stories, submitted by contributing artists and authors.

I want him. I want him so much. From the second I first laid eyes on him, I have fantasized about him. Imagined what his …. My storiies had changed. I had changed. I was now a used wife. My husband had shared me with two other men.

I was now a slut, and blgo. Now, I could sit here and bore you with every other little detail. I Erotic stories blog remember as far back as my high school days and even now, that being around a certain type of guy always made me nervous.

I stood in the doorway to our master bedroom, watching. Framed by her curly, black hair, her face was grimaced. Finally, after a very long time of parental persuasion, my friends and I were allowed to spend ….

You pull the laptop a …. I left sotries office after phoning Steve and went to Best body girl photo bathroom to clean myself up with the realisation that my boss had just used me for his ….

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Erotic stories blog

Erotic stories blog

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