Best Electric Shaver Tough Beard And Sensitive Skin 2019

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Electric razor for thick facial hair


Electric razor for thick facial hair

So, you have a tough beard? See our recommendations for the best electric shaver for thick facial hair. Why is it that some men can grow the mightiest of beards and others simply cannot? Well it actually comes down to science of course.

Not being able to grow a beard is not a medical condition, it simply is a reaction to how sensitive you are to testosterone. Which depends on Electric razor for thick facial hair parents. Yep, it is all genetics. Testosterone is the hormone that gives you all your manly attributes. We all have similar amounts of testosterone. So, a little trade-off. There are some things you can do to make shaving easier if you have thick or coarse facial hair.

Before you shave take a warm shower and be sure to wash your face like you normally would. When you do this, you strip the natural oils away from the facial hair which allows them to absorb water.

When they absorb water, they are softer which allows them to be cut easier. When you are looking for the best electric shaver for thick facial hair be sure to look for one that comes with a trimmer. Many offer this feature built right into the shaver however some brands offer this as a separate attachment. Which will probably work just as well. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to get your close shave since the trimmer will take it down closer to the skin.

Electric shavers are not meant for long stubble so using the trimmer first will keep you from getting frustrated and using too many strokes to get a decent shave. After you have shaved down with a trimmer apply your favorite pre-shave oil.

It only takes a few drops to cover your beard. Allow it to soak into your beard for a minute or two. This will help soften your beard hairs and make it easier for the electric razor to cut them with each pass. You Sexy milf 40 even use a shaving cream or soap on top of the beard oil if you want additional comfort.

If you get a razor that allows a wet shave, then this is perfectly fine. Many of the razors below also have a cleaning feature in the charging station. Which will help remove any built-up pre-shave oil that might be left on the razor. Keep in mind that shaving with an electric shaver will never get as close as wet shavinghowever if you are looking for convenience and not wanting to Toronto shemale canada much there are plenty of great options below.

The Braun Series 7 is hard to beat in general. This razor will definitely cut through the thickest beard. It has three different power settings. This allows you to increase the power to plow through the thickest parts of your beard.

There is also sensitive setting that turns it down for any of your problem areas. With 4 different blades and a powerful motor this razor can help you get a fast, efficient shave. This allows the razor to really hug your face. You can see many customers who have reviewed this shaver and have thick hair and say it has not problem at Electric razor for thick facial hair cutting it. The Series 7 also has a sonic vibration technology that will help lift your hairs giving you a close shave with an electric razor.

This also comes with an alcohol based cleaning solution which will keep your razor working well if you decide to use a pre-shave oil! This razor boasts a fast 14, cuts per minute motor that is sure to get through any thick areas of your beard.

This razor has an automatic power sensor to help adjust the power when going through the toughest parts of your beard. One guy claims it is the best razor he has owned in his 45 years of shaving! The suspension on the foil head on the Series 5 will really allow this shaver to get close to your skin. This is the main reason we are recommending it for those of you with thick beards. This might be the way to go if you have a really thick beard.

Hop in the shower after you used your trimmer to shave down. If you are looking to save a few buck over the Series 7 and not lose much performance this could be the way to go. It still have many of the same features including its own clean and charging station. Braun really excels in thick or curly hair of if you only shave every other day and have a little stubble grown out.

You may just have to go over certain spots a few times like areas where you have softer hair growth. Again, you will see a handful of reviewers talking about their thick hair but this razor just has overall less reviews than the popular Series 7. I must admit I do like to grow a holiday beard during my annual leave but it does start to annoy me a couple of months later along with the comments from my workmates.

My beard is naturally thick and so it usually takes a lot of hacking away at it to remove it, a rather lengthy process. Beard oil is something I never really thought of and Electric razor for thick facial hair have to give a go.

Glad you found this post helpful on dealing with your thick beard. Needed this! Thank you for the good advice. I will definitely get some of the pre-shave oil you recommend. I get shaving rash a day or two after shaving and it can get quite irritating. Do you have any recommendations for that? Hey Tumelo, there are several things you can do to help reduce irritation if you have sensitive skin. One is use an electric shaver so you are off to a great start!

You could try shaving every other day if you are able to. I am looking for an electric shaver for my hubby as a present. Based on your reviews, would you say the Braun Series will be the best solution for him?

Thanks for the info shared on shaving the thick beard. The flexible micro-foil patterns on the head caught my interest as well. I believe this feature allow the user to have cleaner shave. Out of these three shavers, may I know which one generates less noise? Yes a pre-shave oil would definitely be great for your friend. The Arc 5 is great but the Braun Series 7 is probably going to be your best bet overall for your friend with the thick beard.

Hey Jeremy, This is golden info man, thank you very much for writing this. Everytime i shave, it feels itchy to my skin as compared to using blade shavers, why is that so? I know that not using hot water is one reason because my beard was dry but is there another possible reason maybe that I may be missing Tamil aunty mobile no on?

Goodgirlslovecock are welcome Riaz! Have you cleaned your shaver in awhile? You might also try using a pre-shave oil to help reduce any irritation either before or after you shave as it provides a nice moisture for your skin.

Once in two months, I will go the barber for both haircut and a proper shave. You Jerk off to my video lucky not having to shave frequently. I sure would appreciate you showing your brother-in-law this post and hearing what he has to say about it! Now that I just so happened to find your page. I now know what products to go buy to shave my beard. I Top 10 dating site in china you were very informative and helpful.

The Series 7 is hard to beat. It is on the higher end of the spectrum but Braun really outdid themselves with that model. It is an upgrade from their previous cc model and worth every penny. Nice list Jeremy can you suggest which is best for thin stubble. Braun is good but it is too expensive for me. Hey Arun, thanks for stopping by. Hey, thanks for sharing list with details. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Tips for Shaving Thick Facial Hair There are some things Electric razor for thick facial hair can do to make shaving easier if you have thick or coarse facial hair.

Take a warm shower Before you shave take a warm shower and be sure to wash your face like you normally would. Shave down with a trimmer first When you are looking for the best electric shaver for thick facial hair be sure to look for one that comes with a trimmer.

Use a pre-shave oil After you have shaved down with a trimmer apply your favorite pre-shave oil. Check Current Price Read full review. Check Current Price Read full review here. Sign up to receive the latest reviews and deal alerts!

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Electric razor for thick facial hair

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