How to Delete YourTravelMates Account – Solved

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Delete travel mates account


Delete travel mates account

Delete travel mates account

Totally fake and dangerous. I kept in the four sites during 4 months Yourtravelmates, Dating, DatemyAge and Amo Latina and all of them have the same "handsome" guyssometimes with different photos, saying they live in a place, but never telling you their email or really trying to meet you.

But I started to see basic problems, such Arianny celeste topless someone living in London and sending photos driving on the left And yes, all those good looking people out there who will message you are fictitious so don't fall into the trap.

Deleting your profile is a pain, even your photos! So I replaced my profile pic with a "scammer" image and on my profile I warned everyone that this website is a scam. Still, the messages keep on pouring in, which means they are obviously not real people. I replied to all those messages telling them that they are all scammers! So eventually, they deactivated my profile, although I know they have my card number and there's no WAY of deleting that out of their system! So to be safe, I closed that account.

Fortunately I was on it quickly and removed my card to stop Craigslist dates online further activity and reported them to Paypal. The site won't let you delete your account.

Absolute scumbags behind it. Pld guys don't be a victim of this scam! Okay btw guys anyone here looking for gf? Definitely SCAM. Once you make an account, messages comes continously. All messages seems like it was set before and all their profile seems like too good to be true.

I regret I didn't check the review before signing up on this site. I can't A guy eating pussy delete my account, what the hell!! PS: Google please stop to ad this site!! SCAM After reading a lot of negative comments I still thought I should try my luck for which I can say it was bad decision from my side. I met someone from Colombia and we got along really well. I fall in love with that person and we had so many plans together.

After months of taking, online Delete travel mates account, etc. We decided to meet in person and live together in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I Free chat room pakistan karachi supper excited about it because I was sure I found my other half. This site is really a scam, you should stay away from it. Good luck to everyone! He is completely right about everything!!! I was there for months and its so All Guy B.

I discovered by myself after a long time. I traveled for many countries Europe, North and South America First the owner is just a name Angela and associates from London,young people All fakes!!! Its about laundering money and prostitution,All from Russia,Ukcraine,They sell pictures for 50, euros and clothes ,pictures made from a professional photografer Always see alI on internet comments but I am sorry Guy B.

Just nothing as a human person If you have doubts about all I said. I wish you all the best!!! I dont have afraid of them to let here my true picture and name. I am not a ghost.

One star is too much! All the Anastasia countless dating sites Asian date, Anastasia date, Amolatina,eurodate,dating com, travel Delete travel mates account Your Travel mates. You will not find a legitimate travel partner on this website. I had to call my bank to block my credit card. Unable to delete my F in profile!!

What a scam. Was looking for travel mates but hey, Delete travel mates account 20 messages from fake profiles after 1 hour. Definitely a scam and all comments below true. Why Google has this as an ad in order to encourage people to click and join. You cannot delete unless u change yr password and then its says it will get back to you. Be wary of site as definitely to good to be true and you get this feeling that its not authentic and very annoyed after giving yr card details that it will be abused.

Notice all from south America far east and eastern Europe. Too glorified and glossy pictures. A total SCAM. I cannot delete my account the delete button never worksthe "send email to heldesk" doesn't work. They charge you 1. Go away form this website. They charge you to read an email. They take. It is a fraud site. Everyone is fake. This is made up by site itself. Dont trust this site. I had to inactivate my paypal account because i linked the account with them. Very bad experiencenow I want to delete my account but it is Not possible I don't know why this happen.

At the time of login there is no issue then why they create a issue while deleting the account. I request to Goole plz band these kind of websites. They just wait to see how long they can drag you along before you give up. Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. Totally fake and dangerous Totally fake and dangerous.

Don't purchase credits! You've been warned! Very good Very good Very good Very good. One star is too much One star is too much! This is a scam This is a scam! Bad experience. Unable to delete my F in profile Unable to delete my F in profile!! Travelmate a scam Definitely a scam and all comments below true. They charge you to read an email They charge you to read an email.

It is a fraud site It is a fraud site. Very bad experience Very bad experiencenow I want to delete my account but it is Not possible I don't know why this happen. Scam -Submitted all documents on Nov.

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Delete travel mates account

Delete travel mates account

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