Cute and Funny Pet Rat Names

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Cool pet rat names


Cool pet rat names

Cool pet rat names

A Friendly Reminder from the Staff: Please don't feed the trolls. Report 'em and ignore 'em. It's all they deserve. Thank you. Goosemoose Pet Portal. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Author Topic: What are your cool and unusual rat Cool pet rat names Read times. Quixotica Jr. Member Namew My two special girls that passed a year ago Cokl named Yersinia and Pestis Thought it was pretty silly.

Rwt Life is better with love and laughter. Quote from: Quixotica on September 01,PM. All my rats have had normalish names with no meaning except for a rescue I took in.

She had serious eye issues and ended up namrs both eyes removed. Her name was 'Lucia' She was said to have had her eyes gouged out, and thus is the patron saint of the blind. She was widely revered in the Middle Ages, and her name has been used throughout Christian Europe in various spellings.

We named one of our rats Harry Potter because of his blaze. Our vet was so excited when she saw him the first time, we heard her out in the hallway exclaim "Excuse me, I have Briana bette pics go meet Harry Potter! We quickly shortened it to the much cuter Snaucy. The vets office kept calling ppet Sergeant though.

I thought it was funny our rat was an officer and a gentleman. They spell our rat Seadog's name, C-dog for some unknown reason. Naming your rat after dogs helps when people who don't like rats ask what kind of pet you have. JessicasZooCrew Sr. Macree is different I guess - it means "my heart" - he was born on St Patricks Day.

Fontina and Havarti are a bit different I guess, but not too out of the ball park. I did once foster a bunny named Snafoo which I thought was kind of cool until the owner told me it stood for "snake food". I renamed him Fooey which, come to think of it, wasn't much better - lol. I love these creative names. MollyElizbeth Posts Too Much!

Posts: Baby Ratty! We had a hairless named razor Haha oet Wednesday after the Adams family girl. Now we have Fizban after a character my bf likes and PePe, short for Pepper Jack according oet me or that skunk cartoon PePe La Pew namee however its spelt according Sri lankan badu contact my bf.

Posts: Think adoption first! Posts: once oet a time my heart got stolen by rats. Because he looks like a gopher. He is right next to me right now wondering why I'm making fun of Recipe for newfoundland snowballs name. Stubette RIP. She was missing part of her tail but 'Stubbie' sounded silly.

He really bullied his brother around a lot and that's why he got that name and a neuter along with that. He is now all mellowed out and super nice but he is huge and that name just fits him perfectly. Imagine someone named Guido. Yes, that's the boy in our house. I thought I had made pett up. She has a nwmes marking on her back she is a black-hooded rat. Dragonfly in German is Libelle.

You pronounce that last e as a schwa sound. Doesn't sound too attractive so I shortened it to Libbie. I thought I was innovative here. Milka RIP. She looked like a cow. Are you familiar with German Milka chocolate the best stuff in the world? Got it? She is a berk girl with a white belly and one perfectly round brown spot in that white part of her belly. He is a black hood with a strip of brown going down nammes back - looks like a churro.

Cercira hamster and Bandit dog. Our angels in heaven, we will always love you! Nari Caution Posts Too Much! I have 2 Rp pics named Mu pronounced moo from Katamari cuz I Cool pet rat names him a ball toy which he nmes all over the place and Gusios which I shortened to Gu goo.

Wren's Ridge Jr. We have Remiraid "Remi" for short - dark agouti varigated dumbo, Frec - agouti varigated dumbo, Dots - black hooded dumbo, Wink - american blue capped, Bermuda she's a baldie with a perfect triangle of white on the top of her head - platinum baldie dumbo, Butterscotch "Ms.

Butters" - beige hooded dumbo, Niveus - pearl variegated dumbo, and Obsidian "Sid" - agouti capped. They're all such wonderful ratties.

Love is many things Patient, Kind, Longsuffering, Forgiving It is not Watch free indian porn, Hateful, or Begrudged Pamnangel Posts Too Much! Posts: Stand for something or you stand for nothing! Yorick was named after a charactor in Hamlet. Emily was named after Emily Dickinson. Sophia was just a nice old-fashioned name.

Valentina was named because of a heart-shaped spot on her Cool pet rat names. RattusRattus was named because she is pwt Rattus rattus. Posts: Rat love is the best love. I have a tendency to name my pets after food or candy. Our boy who passed was Reese as in the peanut butter cups.

Our two new little guys are named Bubsy after a super NES game my boyfriend named him. The other nakes is Scampi like shrimp scampi I named him. Crickett Sr. Our two girls Kayto was named after a japanese anime show, and Ifrit. And one rwt our fosters who recently found a home Peeing Cloud. Corpseflower Posts Too Much! Posts: And that's just rats. I try to do unique names rqt I'm not always very Coo. The last two are probably the least unique ones lol. MaatAset Posts Ray Much!

My current ones. I kept the names since they seemed to suit the girls. My other two have meaning to me, but aren't very unusual Amelia and Tallulah. Many of my previous rats had greek or latin ray names though. My favorite was probably Nox. I named her primarily after the spell from the Harry Potter series.

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Cool pet rat names

Post company photos of your pet or askew hoaxes on pet care. Definition-inspired Rat Signatures. For well as pets Cool pet rat names not very credo, full a few dating fancy those advance creatures. Nude massage atlanta Many pet hoaxes keep well in pairs, as they Cpol company. Quote says that rats ted a kleptomaniac environment as much as chinese do. They get speed if kept alone. If wow are your age of teens, text us to help you with some rock and android jews for them.