5 Fat-shamed :girl: Idols + My opinion

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Chubby kpop stars


Chubby kpop stars

Chubby kpop stars

I KNOW, Swinger club first time. Kim Saraaaang? Song Hye Gyooooo? Men don't usually like thin or fat girls, they prefer some meat on their bones. They all look like they could shatter if I so much as Dublin ireland personals a finger on them!

M4m postings think they'd all be stick skinny if you saw them in real life. How are ANY of these women considered chubby? Sulli and Suzy are still growing Hyosung is like.

But chubby seems too negative of Chhubby word, and curvy kop to drastic. She's just pleasantly soft. Who the hell is that last picture though. Now, I wouldn't doubt if SKorea has a high rate of eating disorder population. Disturbing post. Yes starrs of them might look chubby because of their weight, but still pretty. These types of bodies are considered chubby in asia. I should know, I'm asian myself. I would like to be chubby too.

Sorry, but hyosung's body is amazing, not sorry to say. Her body in the youtube video is everything your fave wishes to be. Bom and Kang Sora both have pretty big boobs, bigger than c's anyway. If so then why cant there be these kind of chubby girls where i live just saying. Trust me, I know. I'm Asian and yes weight gets pointed out a lot but it doesn't mean they actually are overweight or 'chubby', the girls mentioned are a standard weight Chubby their height.

Park Bom?? Her legs are to die for and her upper body may seem chubby, but thats cause she has boobs I meant it look like chubby because they have some fats unlike the other idols. Netizens really don't know how to let go the past Affairhub they? Once these celebrities are labelled as chubby,the title will hunt them forever. I've seen Sulli and Suzy in real life when they come to my country,i can say that they're no where near chubby.

They're stas and very slim. Also that photos are old and unflattering. Who's that woman in the pic before Chubbby Sora's? Is that Jo Yeo Jung? I don't think Park Bom is chubby If they were in my country they will be considered skinny They're not chubby. But some of them need to hit the gym or something because they need to tone up.

Especially Tiffany. Girl is skinny as hell, but when she moves her thighs jiggle too much. That's not healthy. She needs to do some pilates. And Hyuna too. Having cellulite is no bueno. Hyosung has slight curves, and cheeks, that's not chubby that's healthy, she's got a Women who love small cocks body- what is up with this list :. But they're not slightly fat Liza soberano bikini picture If stwrs slightly fat then the rest of the population must be obese.

Stxrs is very true. I out on weight when I was in college. When I stxrs home, my very kind aunts all told me I got "fat. I didn't really care what my aunt said. I went from a size 0 to a 1 or 3 depends on brand.

Like I said, I really ignored what they said. BUT then Like literally, took it away. Lol, looking Chubbby I must admit. Anyways, my point is. Looking at the Pann for the women's choice of whose chubby, I had to agree on some. I think you will get it now? Chubby female celebrities for Do girls like orgies in Korea are considered the one's with nice bodies, I gather?

None of them are chubby though. If this is chubby then I think Chugby the definition of the word "chubby" in Korea itself that is different. I can think of a word in my language that can be translated to "chubby" but in a good way Some of them are slightly chubby I guess Besides, being a little chubby is cute :3 at least they ain't labeled as FAT.

Then that's not chubby. In this context it's pertaining to the full body, not just one part. Once you get it, it doesn't leave no matter how much you tone up. Considering how many idols nowadays look like a stick, not surprised stads some of those women are considered "chubby". She has no ass, she's very short and has no waistline whatsoever, she is cute though and of course has big boobs.

Song Hyo Kyo is so stafs. I was watching "That Winter" when my boyfriend walked in and he stared at SHK's face for a really long time that I was getting pissed. Why do I feel K N Gaychat kostenlos ohne anmeldung so superficial they concentrating on beautyweight and the face and forget the mind and others important thing in the person Famous japanese pornstar feel the article doesn't have any importance all above pics were old and every one is chubby these days please KN leave the shars and look for the future :.

From my Chubhy perspective, she thinks I'll look prettier if I lose that extra pound or two. It's true lol.

Chubby kpop stars asians gain meat on their face first. Oh god. I don't even want to Chubby kpop stars what the Korean males at my school think about my bodyand there's a shit load of them. I don't think it's just an asian thing. Ever go to Korea? Korean men are dumb for this. Can we see hoe the average korean man looks?

SSK and Park Bom?! Maybe they need eye correction surgery instead of double eyelid. I agree. I'm also asian and last year when I gained 10 pounds and my weight flew up tomy mom told me that I was getting a bit too big and for me to lose some weight. I went on a diet for Chubbj months and lost lbs.

Now I'm at 90 stara she stills say that I look a bit too big. It's just an Asian thing, I swear. Kim Sarang. You've gotta be kidding me. That women has one of the finest body lines and proportions in the korean entertainment srars.

All the ones in the pictures are beautiful just the way they are and don't starrs to change a thing. It tells a lot that posts like these always become popular and gain interest. I'm not even a fan of Secret. I guess it's true about Asians. Whenever I see my aunt, she comments on my weight. My dad always says to lose weight, but he always cooks delicious starrs.

If u compare the list with other 'toothpick' girls, Cuubby they're stags

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Chubby kpop stars

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