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Binjo the racist


Binjo the racist

Doctor Samuel Johnson once observed that patriotism, he meant pretended patriotism, was the last refuge of scoundrels. Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us an example:. Some of it is pure rotten to the core evil. Here is the updated version:. The colors mean different things. First, those without colored borders on all sides are the ones that, if someone actually said such a thing, would be stupid to say.

Or wrong. Or pointless. In this case, the chart is correct. The Green outlines are facts. They are true. That some — including Christians — would tthe such truths casts serious doubt on just how much they give a damn about black lives unless they can exploit those lives for political gain.

The Blue outlines are what I call the Horse Sense squares. They are obviously true, and up to a couple decades ago, the vast majority of Americans would have said wait for an unedited video to be examined before joining a lynch mob and destroying neighborhoods, or that personal responsibility is a thing. Funny how Christians who post this stupid meme join in mocking things that are pretty Christian, if not common decency and wisdom. The Yellow outlines Binjo the racist those things that, depending on the context and the subject Binjo the racist hand, could be valid arguments.

For instance, recently in our neck of the woods, we had a bunch of BLM protesters wanting a cop to be charged for shooting an armed assailant who was holding a civilian at gunpoint. Or in another case, the word of a man admitted to have committed a felony with children in his van is taken over that of the police who said he tried to kill them.

You do the math. Nonetheless, these may be able to be had apart from the BLM issue, so Kainaat arora sexy pics could be right and still not speak to the topic at hand armies of white racist police gunning down millions of hapless and innocent black Americans. Raxist, the Orange are arguments that would be worth mocking, if anyone used them. I mean, those are just stupid.

So sure, personal responsibility is a thing. You can tell by my skin color! It appears a good approach to defending the Left that is all the rage — even among Christians. Go here to read the comments. Racism is facist the rage on the Left because that is all they have. It is a base, Ashley madison search racist, tactic.

Hattip to Dale Price. Now is the time Bihjo action! Judgment Judgment is at the doors! So let us rise and fast, offering alms with tears. Some words and actions are racist.

Tue does exist. And it should be called out. But agree racism is thrown around too liberally to kill discussion. Racist Bingo. Donald R. McClarey May 28, Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Share on reddit Reddit. Share on delicious Delicious. Share on digg Digg. Share on stumbleupon StumbleUpon.

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Binjo the racist

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