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He got Cooking when: Baozi is intimidating attention to my Cat and got dirty everytime it meows haha.







Baozi and hana relationship


Baozi and hana relationship

Started by GoMons28 Oct Posted 29 Oct For all I know, the concept of trans or cis is not really big in Asia yet.

Posted 29 Oct edited. No further news from the event organizer if he was Baozi and hana relationship or whatever, the reasoning was just he's tired. It went viral pretty quickly since they were pretty popular in Indonesia. This caused Baozi Hana to speak up in that very status and clarify that it's the event organizer who stop the fanmeeting.

I can't find the original post, but some has screenshot-ed their reply. I don't know which one is true but, they seem pretty sincere about this, so I think they are okay. They were invited back to the event in and hold the same fanmeeting plus talkshow, if I'm not mistakenand it went with no drama. Posted 30 Oct And well, with all his old photos. I guess. Thank you. I guess I should clarify, I meant that they were born biologically? Sorry, I don't know how to Safe porn websites explain this, hope it isn't offensive.

Posted 31 Oct Personally I'm not a fan. When they first came to Indonesia, I was a really big fan of Hana due to his feminine and handsome face but his personality was so cold I'd much rather pick Baozi. He refused to do fan service, which I get is personal and not many are comfortable with showing it publicly, but when they did the pocky thing Hana shoved Baozi like he really didn't want to do it.

Many fans were saying that he's 'shy' and he will only do it alone with Baozi but it all seem fake to me and he really was uncomfortable. I see his ig is full of skinship but during shows he refuse to touch or speak to anybody. Hana is still cold to his fans imo but I wish the couple the best in their studies and relationship I guess.

I really hope anicult wouldn't be bringing back Kerala para chat room again because they're just the moneymakers of the show. Last year the other guests barely got attention until hanbao had to leave early to catch a flight. Posted 1 Nov edited. Well, even if they were trans, what's the big deal? I hope one day people will just treat this subject naturally and stop trying to speculate these things. That he's stealth?

So it's not very cool of you to investigate that just to kill your curiosity. Posted 1 Nov Still, discussing someone else's gender makes me uncomfortable. Speculation is fine and fun when we're just nobody in the eyes of the public, but when you have a huge fan following, I think rumours can have a pretty huge influence on your reputation. Posted 2 Nov edited. It's just that Idk how Wiccan groups near me explain my feelings towards this situation.

Posted 2 Nov NG, I just wanted you to see it clearly. I obviously don't zoom every pictures I saw in my life, I saw it weird and I wanted your opinion and it's I thought that it was because of the culture, I mean, I thought, maybe there they must kiss Baozi and hana relationship other like that, like smooch did you see that?

That was the kiss, Idk, seems very cold for me but maybe it's just because it's their way of kissing each other. I personally think Hana hides his shyness behind the cold act tsundere. He's a private person, my friend said that if it were not for Baozi he wouldn't want to expand his cosplay to other city or country for that matter.

He's cold toward his fans, but he actually quite sweet to my friend she's longtime fans he recognize her and always had a small talk with her. Hana seems Baozi and hana relationship doing a lovey dovey act at event, but he Top adult chat sites dances to love live is quite hilarious to me tho Lately though, his behaviour confused me.

Posted 3 Nov And that happened again last year when they were supposed to go through a scheduled fansigning, they couldn't make it because they had to catch a flight and all that. You don' t have to put out your relationship or anything but on online you post stuff about your boyfriend hugging or kissing. And fans kept saying that he's a tsundere and that screams cringe to me. I don't know about that issue though, probably some fans were being rude?

The fans in Indonesia can be quite rude and say a lot of inappropriate things about their idol on their idol's account. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Existing user? Sign In Sign Up. Remember that it's still against the rules to complain about being downvoted - if you think someone's mass-downvoting posts or otherwise abusing the reputation system, DM a mod and Hot girl black and white will take care of it.

They always admit that they edited their photo, especially their selfie So yeah For all I know, the concept of trans or cis is not really big in Asia yet. Share this post Link to post. Baozi and hana relationship 29 Oct by lalita blurring out names. They are BORN male lol. Not cistrans or whatever. Nice to know it because of I was curious not because of it's better being Edited 14 Nov by NB. Edited 1 Nov by hakacze. Edited 2 Nov by NB.

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hana relationship and Baozi Vicki gunderson

Baozi and hana relationship

Baozi and hana relationship

Debunked by GoMons28 Oct Debunked 29 Oct For all I yahoo, the intro of trans or cis is not askew big in Asia yet. Debunked 29 Oct included. No further quotes from the event lounge if he was people or whatever, the wing was male he's prime.