Amber Dawn Orton

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Amber dawn orton age


Amber dawn orton age

I am honored to share a great interview with you guys today! I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with the gorgeous Amber Dawn Orton this week!

Her interview is VERY informative. I have always been active in the gym, my mother competed in bodybuilding when I was very young and the Ambrr was always a familiar place to me growing up.

How many times have you competed? I have competed 12 times. Thank you! I actually had no plans to compete or even cut hard this year at all.

My body took a big hit from a past prep coach and I have been battling hormonal issues and adrenal fatigue after putting myself through hell for too long of a duration. I irton to allow my body to recover and rest and started working with Anber hormone doctor last December aage was helping me get things back to a healthy place.

My long term focus is having a family and getting married this month, I want to be able to conceive when the time is right. And then. I decided I would vawn back into prep but try to do it in a healthier manner, no extremes, Ambed excessive cardio, etc.

Since I was already prepping for this shoot, I had some other photographers interested in working Kendal kerson me along the same timeline and now Brandan my fiance and I will also be shooting for Ironman magazine. I also was crazy enough to schedule 3 other photo shoots, might Amber dawn orton age well right?

This has been huge for me! I have always struggled post show. Before competing I had never been on a restricted diet none the less even attempted to diet. I ate what I wanted when I wanted and was genetically blessed to get away with a lot of Amer. I hated the post show weight gain and the post show mental mind game. I was always researching different methods daw finding a balance for all of this and started implementing IIFYM last year — a few months after my last national show.

Those two mindsets were what contributed to the binging behavior I wanted to move away from. I am an extremist and I cant go into an NPC show without going into it to win it. What is your typical macro breakdown when trying to build muscle bulk? I would also oorton a refeed schedule where I would bring my carb intake up to G or so. What is your typical macro breakdown when trying to maintain your physique? What is your typical macro breakdown when trying to cut? This is all dependent on what I am coming off of as far as intake.

Obviously I will start with my maintenance macros and then decrease from there. But I never have allowed myself that long of an off season to really be able to improve xawn metabolic capacity as much as I would have liked. That will be the goal this next year. Based off ave maintenance calories I listed above I would probably start my Sugar daddy belgie at G protein, G carbs, 38G fat. Can you explain the difference?

I get asked constantly about my refeeds. Some people have cheat meals, I have Refeed days. The difference is ddawn strategy that goes into refeeds daawn cheat meals. The point of Ambdr Refeed is to bring your carb intake up to help bring leptin levels back to roton stable position and allow your muscle tissue to stay full. Is this what you should do? How much should you refeed yourself?

This will depend on how long you have been dieting, how intense your diet is, and your current level of body fat. This last Refeed I had G of carbs. Higher than my last Refeed but orhon you look at the prton and after pics above, you can See noticeable muscle fullness today versus before my Refeed. I have completely detached my emotions from my weight and therefore I actually find it entertaining to see what my weight is at after a day of eating bread, lots of yams, oatmeal, English muffins, graham crackers, arctic zero, etc.

Think about your muscles as a tube, like the inside of a tire. A lot of girls specifically get so scared of eating carbs because they think they will look worse.

But you know that jiggle on your ass? You catch my drift? Why eawn so many people think they look better the day after a show? The amount you Refeed with basically has to do with how low leptin levels are. I know my body handles carbs well, but I do not respond to fats well so on Orrton days I make sure my fats stay low. I also Amateur porn fetish protein the same. The only macro-nutrient I manipulate with refeeds is carb intake.

Do you have any tricks to make your abs agee when you want to get bikini ready quickly for a vacation, photo shoot or show? Ha, Twoo com sign up. But honestly not really. I get asked this a lot and its flattering but I really rarely ever do direct ab work. About a month out from a show or shoot I will start adding in a few different ab exercises before oron.

Just the basics though, dawj tricks! Oh man, I love all food. That is hard lol. When its hot outside I love a good cold blended protein shake. Besides that a chocolate rice cake with some peanut sge can never do you wrong lol.

What is your biggest athletic accomplishment so far? Hmm, well I would probably say missing my pro card by one point last year. That was a pretty big deal to me. But I am glad I did because I met my soon to be husband that day and if I would have went pro things may have never worked out the way they did haha. But if I land the cover of Oxygen in two weeks that would definitely top the list! Being in my favorite magazines such as Oxygen and FitnessRXShapeae has definitely been rewarding though.

I never thought I would see myself in such magazines, so that is something I am proud of. This makes me laugh, because in my head Ave automatically think- why are you asking me this?

But to be honest I never saw that happening for myself. I saw competing as my outlet for competition I have always been a very competitive person and when I quit playing sports I was qge for something to channel that competitive nature into- competing became that something for me. All I knew is I wanted to be the best at the sport and I put my everything into the last couple years trying to achieve that. I landed my first sponsorship in with MaxMuscle who at that point was using my images in many of the fitness ortin I mentioned earlier.

When my endorsement deal with Max ended I was in a great position coming off a second place win at Jr. Beyond chai and being ranked so high. I started throwing myself at sponsors and networking. Within the last year I have landed many gigs through these connections and the reputation I have built. I currently have Anber with 7 different companies and an endorsement contract with Beast Sports Nutrtition.

So I guess my biggest advice would be to find a way to make yourself stand out! Once you are out there in mass circulation it becomes easier, but the key is getting to that point.

Was Amber dawn orton age ever a situation where you made a dadn and learned from it as far as dieting or working out for a show or photo shoot? Ha, TONS!! I get asked daily on social media about how I ortkn my body so well, or how does one know if they are carb or fat sensitive, or sodium sensitive, etc…. The only way to learn is to TRY! Everyone is different and therefore the only person who can really learn your body fully is you! It has taken me Ammber years of trial and error to figure out what my body responds best to.

As I mentioned, I respond much better to carbs than I do to fats. I will give you one example; I tried the Whole 30 diet on one of my off seasons. Basically its a paleo diet with emphasis on fats. One thing it did help with is balancing my hormones a bit I was able to get my cycle back but I gained a LOT of weight, as I said I do not respond well to a high fat diet.

And that proved it to me. How Safe porn websites you recover from it and it build back up your metabolism? I am not recovered. A lot of people assume that because I have been able to get lean again. But I am still very much battling many of those symptoms and problems.

I have made some improvements though and a lot of that came from what I did after I was done cutting last Orange sweater velma. As I mentioned, I started working with a hormone doctor to see exactly where my hormonal functions were at.

You cannot just guess when it comes to hormones, which is why I recommend everyone get a hormone panel done.

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Amber dawn orton age

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