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The 69 topps football Football card set includes a checklist of total cards, making it the largest football card set ever produced, at that time. It was also the first time that the price of a pack of cards had increased. Wax packs were no longer merely a nickel, as saw the price double to ten cents.

Key rookie cards in the set belong to Brian Piccolo 26 and Larry Csonka The front of the cards feature a player picture superimposed over a solid-colored background of either green, cootball, red, blue, orange or pink. A white block area at the bottom of the card contains the player's name, team and position, with a logo that extends into the rest of the card image. The first and last 69 topps football of the player's name are printed in red, with the rest of the letters in black. In contrast, the backs of the cards utilize a striking black background.

A green football icon contains the card number, with the player's name, position, team and some vital stats stretching across the top. To the right is a separate green section that features a cartoon about the player. The Topps Football card set was printed 69 topps football two series, each consisting of cards. The checklist cardis printed in both series and has two variations.

Topps made a slight change to the design of the second series of cards. Where the first series featured a full bleed of the background color into the edges, a white border was added to the second series cards. Also, ten cards from the second series feature pieces of a Fran Tarkenton puzzle on their backs. In addition to the cards and accompanying gum, wax packs also contained 1 of 66 inserts.

The Topps Football card set contains the only card issued of Brian Piccolo before his untimely death. Interestingly, Piccolo's name is spelled differently on both sides of his card, and 69 topps football are wrong. Football error was never corrected. While not technically true variations, the tone of the background gopps prone to different hues based on ink levels at the time that particular sheet was being printed. The Topps 69 topps football card set marked the last time collectors would see NFL team logos on uniform helmets and the cards themselves, for eleven years.

Instead of paying the licensing fee required foohball the NFL, Topps decided to forgo the use ffootball these logos. Key Cards. Set Checklist. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Share 2. Pin Rating: 5. He is an avid collector with over 20 years of active experience in the hobby. User Reviews. Review This Product 69 topps football required Mail will not be published required Website Rate this product from 1 to 5 stars using the following rating scale:.

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