How to create your own PPPoker club on PPPoker app –

How to create your own PPPoker club on PPPoker app –

How to create your own PPPoker club on PPPoker app ?



PPPoker app is known for its exciting games and features. If you are dreaming to become an entrepreneur and couldn’t able to find an opportunity, then PPPoker app provides you this opportunity. You can create an online club of your own and host online games for players around the world. It has no location restrictions and can be used everywhere. The most interesting benefit of this app is that you can host games deposit and withdraw money in the local currency.

 You can safely deposit and withdraw without worrying about loss because this app deals through agents that ensure its safety. With is highly friendly aspect, this real money platform can easily downloaded through its website, play store and Google play. In this blog, you will be able to know the key points of creating a club and how to create your own club.

Things you should know before creating a club:

Before creating a PPPoker app club of your own you must know certain rules and important points.

Once you have created a club, attracting players to join your club can be challenging task for you. Usually players don’t trust new clubs on PPPoker app and their owners due to some reasons. For attracting players towards your club you must need to build trust, provide exciting offers, fast cashouts, and good games.
It is not possible for a new club owner to deal all the matters by himself, so there is a need of a second person who can manage or take care of marketing, rakebacks, payments, and players support etc.
Establishing suitable payment methods for players should be top most priority. Usually players join certain clubs because of the difficulty in payment methods. So, you should select a suitable payment and withdrawal method that is available on your targeted region.
If you want your clubs to stand out among all the PPPoker app clubs, you must need to set some marketing costs for the purpose.

Create your PPPoker club:

Anyone can create a PPPoker club and it doesn’t take much time and effort. After creating a PPPoker club, the hard thing is to attract players on your club that you can do by keeping in mind above points. As a PPPoker entrepreneur, follow the below steps to create your club on PPPoker app:

Install the PPPoker app on your PC or on Android device.

After completing installation process, Login into your PPPoker app account.

By logging in a screen appears on your window, click on the green symbol having a (+) sign at the top left corner of the screen. Click on create.


Enter your club name by clicking on “Rename”.

Choose a picture you want to appear as your club photo , enter a club name, and add other necessary information i.e. Contacts, chip value, Basic terms and conditions. And then click on ‘save’. (Note: The club owner can set up any chip value, he wants to the PPPoker chips)

Your club is created! Select to add a club table. You can add NLH, OFC, and PLO tables. After choosing table format, you need to set up table settings.


Note: You have to pay for some features in PPPoker app such as changing club name, buying chips, rake reports etc.

Cash Tables:

Following information is needed to be entered for creating a cash table:




Action time
You need to enter maximum number of players at a point in time
Set up Cap and Rake ratio
IP address restrictions (players with same IP address cannot play on the same table)
Add GPS restrictions if you want any,
Adjust the blind size ranging from 1/2 up to500/1000
Setting up maximum and minimum buy-in
Specific Time for creating tables


Add on, Buy-in, and Rebuy
Blind structure
Set Pool price percentage
Set maximum Number of players per table at a time
Set Format of the game

Club Management:

Managing clubs in PPPoker app is very easy and effortless. Organizing small games is quite quick and easy. At the end of the application, club managers have following options:

Sending emails to massive players for joining your club
Member details
Number of chips the club manager can add or withdraw from players.
Adding statistics about club, rakes and players.
Adding general settings

As mentioned earlier, attracting players to join your new club can be a hard work. Managers attracting players through different social media platforms can be a great help. If you’re hosting games for real money, it is best to set up clear rules no matter who is joining the club and playing games. You should set up suitable and comfortable stakes for each player to enhance the gaming experience for people.


Creating your own club On PPPoker app is very quick and easy. But attracting more players to join the club is a difficult thing. You can do this by offering interesting deals, joining rewards and low stakes. Safety of payments is the first priority of Poker players before joining any club and you can engage players with a guarantee of security. PPPoker app is best for creating clubs and earning for real money. Once you’ve created club you can engage poker lovers to join and enjoy play!