EdenPoker Becomes The Most Popular Highstakes Mobile Poker App

EdenPoker Becomes The Most Popular Highstakes Mobile Poker App

Recently a new name has emerged in the mobile poker room apps. EdenPoker is the new real money mobile poker app which comes to offer the best solution to the issues that plagued the rivals of mobile gaming.

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The mobile gaming platforms are pretty simple and easy to use. In a real money game app, agents organize the social poker clubs and provide tokens or gems that players can use as chips. These tokens or gems also connect the real poker networks through the agents that organise the actual money games.

When Chinese government attributed a ban on the affecting real money poker apps, two of the most popular gaming apps PokerMaster and PPPoker got big hits to their reputation. Because of the accusations of collusion and imputation against club agents disappearing with funds, the trust in the social poker apps had reached rock bottom.

After the ban by Chinese government, there was a huge need waiting to be fulfilled. Millions of people were waiting to play poker on their mobile phone. At this point, EdenPoker comes to fulfill the expectations of the millions of poker lovers.

EdenPoker is a new poker app featured with innovative and unique methods to let the players enjoy a better cash gaming experience on their mobile phones, thereby gained a huge popularity within a very short time.

This new app comes with zero tolerance for bots and collusion. It poker-rooms the live video feature to help you identify your opponents. This app introduces advanced security features to block the bot and fake users to stop all forms of cheating.

EdenPoker has now become the best high stakes app-based poker platform. Players can now enjoy their favorite Short Deck and exciting High Stakes on this app. One of the strongest signs that a poker app is trusted, is when the big whales put their money up. The fidelity of EdenPoker is incredible that made this app so popular to the high rollers.

Several sources close to HSDB’ have shared information about the high profile users of this new mobile app that – “some of the biggest names in the world of poker use EdenPoker.”

Another big attraction of EdenPoker over its rivals is that users can set up almost any form of games and stakes they want through their agents. And from the perspective of the user experience, the added functionality of the game-play is smooth, clear and very efficient.