Best PPPoker App Clubs –

Best PPPoker App Clubs –

Best PPPoker app clubs



PPPoker app has gained huge popularity in a very less time due to its exciting and innovative features, offers and deals for its players. If you are a poker player and looking for an online through which you can play anywhere around the world, then definitely this is the best app you can chose. PPPoker was mainly targeted to Asian countries but has gained huge Popularity across Europe, Australia and America. PPPoker app allows you to join clubs and unions of your choice. It provides the most comprehensive list of clubs you can join. It also facilitates poker players to create their own clubs or play in private tables with their own rules. Each club has different currency according to the respective country. It is the safest platform to deposit and withdraw payments. The agents deal with the players to help them in joining the best club, deposit and withdraw payments, and to create their own club. In this blog you will get to know about the top 5 PPPoker clubs, and the related information required to join these clubs.

HUGO Asia:

Hugo Asia is a Thailand based club, from the big Asian alliance the  PPPoker app has. The players are very loose across all the stakes and games play much higher than respective stakes. This club is a part of pppoker Thailand union. This club offers action from low to mid stakes in  NL, PLO, and OFC. The club ID is 764854. To join this club a player has to contact with the PPPoker agent and follow up all the requirements required to join the club i.e. Deposit money. PPPoker app does not ask any personal details for joining the clubs. It supports 25-30+ tables at peak time. One chip is used for $0.31.

King power 2:

King power is one of the biggest club In Thailand alliance. PPPoker app is considered to be a unique app offering wide range of clubs worldwide. The joining procedure is same as other clubs. The player have to contact with the agent and submit an application of joining, depositing money etc. There is no flop no drop in the game, PPPoker app has.? Following is the basic information about King power:

Club ID: 319246

Country: Thailand

Currency:  1. Chip is equals to 10 Thai Baht

Games: NLH, PLO, and OFC

Rake: 5% is taken With cap 3bb. NL 200 and Higher cap is 2bb. OFC rake is 3% with Cap 3 points.

Tables: Players can play Maximum 6 to 9 tables consecutively at a point in time.


Black Pink:

Black pink is a Singaporean club offered by PPPoker app. It is a part of Huge south East Asian poker union providing Crazy action across all over the Stakes. Black pink is joined by mostly those players who just Recently learned the word black pink and are passionate about going all the way to know which river card will be dealt. In this club, a large number if players are Asian loose recreationals. It is the best club for all the players who have just started playing poker or just started using PPPoker app. To join this club, players must know following things about this club:

Club ID: 1113888

Headsup: Black Pink offers headsup to its players upon requesting up to 100/200. 

Chip value USD: 0,018 (1 chip = 0.9 PHP)

Games: NLHE, 6+, PLO, PLO 5, and OFC

Stakes: It is providing medium to high stakes to its players.

Tables: It has more than 250 active tables.

Rake:  The rake percentage is 5% ring, 3% HU with cap 3bb and OFC rake 3% with cap 3 points.



Check-Raise is an action packed club anyone can join i.e. Suitable for all types of players. It is an Indian club having massive traffic from all over the world especially from Asia. Players can find amazing cash games here with attractive deals. This club also offers exclusive rewards for its players who have joined PPPoker app club. If you are interested in joining check-Raise club, you must know following information before joining:

Club ID: 351453

Currency: One chip = 5INR

Games: NLHE, PLO, and OFC games are available.  

Stakes: It offers games with Low to medium stakes.



Since PPPoker  app facilitates its players to play anywhere around the world. Time2Win is a European club mainly USA based and is a member of ‘Prime Time’ Union. It is the best choice for accessing USA online Poker through PPPoker app. The PPPoker agents help players to join the club. This club has great action at different times in Europe. Before joining any club, the players must need to know about its stakes, chip value, games, and number of maximum tables. Here is the basic details of PPPoker apps’ Time2Win club:

Club ID: 1021396

Currency: The currency is USD and will be changed according to the respective chip value.

Games: It is offering MTT, NLH, PLO, PLO5, and OFC games.


Conclusion: PPPoker app is best for all the players who want to play for real money. It offers a wide range of clubs you can join. There is no need to worry about money loss because PPPoker app deals through the trusted agents to ensure you that you are playing safe. The players can enjoy play in more than one tables depending on the club you’re joining. The rakes percentage is very minimum depending on the club and union. Above is the list of top 5 PPPoker app clubs you can join for exciting games. Join the club of your choice and enjoy play!